Whether you think we were designed and created, or that we evolved from non-life and then lower forms of life, you believe in miracles. Either way, it’s not something that happens every day: have you seen either one occur? A miracle is defined as it is because it’s so unnatural in terms of normal every day events and what we believe to be possible.

If we evolved, nothing-or virtually nothing-turned into billions of stars and galaxies. A huge lump of rock began to rain on itself. Some “organic” chemicals got together and came alive, formed DNA, found a mate and some food, and a couple of billion years later here we all are, yearning to communicate our deepest feelings and have them satisfied.

You may think evolution is all “science”. I certainly believe in science, that is, observable and testable phenomena. But when did anyone show you life forming from non-life, or a universe coming into existence from nothing, or a cow turning into a whale, or a mutation producing a new species?

No, we all have faith…in what we want to believe.