Should Christians speak out about politics, or should they keep silent, and let their nation and their world be stolen from them?

It seems to be a common view among a large number of ministers that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics: it’s all about the gospel…whatever they individually mean by “the gospel”. I’m aware that there are some who are true to their faith, and do speak out about what’s right and what’s wrong. I respect them highly.

Is not getting involved in politics just a weak excuse for not sticking your head above the parapet? Is it a weak excuse for keeping quiet about Biblical convictions, or for not having them in the first place? Is it at all related to the need to keep the money rolling in and so not upsetting those in the church with very liberal beliefs? Is the work of paid ministers in the West, particularly in the United States, so comfy and well paid that they don’t want to risk losing the position by taking sides and causing a bit of a stir?

Which of the million babies aborted every year in the United States alone-aborted mostly out of convenience and not the mothers’ health-would be happy to know that his or her violent death stops too much friction and heat being caused in the world of politics and religion? While we know Jesus didn’t vote or run or office he most definitely did speak his mind, telling the leaders of his day, to their faces, not just how to get saved, but how rotten they were:

You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? (Matthew 12:34).

We do know that we have a vote in our claimed “democratic Republic”. Oh, our ministers can remind us regularly that we have wallets, and tell us what to do with them, but the vote-that which decides how many babies are aborted, and how many sex changes are paid for with our money, and that which decides the direction of our culture, and which directs our education establishment to teach our little children racism and so-called “social justice” instead of unity and oneness…that doesn’t matter eh?

And what of freedom to preach that gospel? In the direction we are going politically and socially, that freedom will be taken away in the not too distant future, by those not afraid to use their votes and their influence to bring about the society that they want. What will happen to the preachers of the gospel then? They will be locked up, their churches will be closed and vandalized, and…they will lose their jobs and their comfy incomes.

A lot of people are very worried about America, and not without cause. The border is open wide for anyone to come in, while the government denies the fact. The man in the White House, supposedly the leader of the free world, isn’t in charge of all of his mind, and the part that is operative is globalist and pro-abortion. The last general election wasn’t on the up and up, and the media and social media giants unashamedly took sides. The country’s medical expert was funding research into possible variants of the coronavirus at the lab in Wuhan, China-with taxpayers’ money-before the pandemic (1). The nation is in debt to almost thirty trillion dollars, and the administration wants to spend trillions more. America continues to allow abortion on demand, and now encourages the abandonment of obvious, God-given gender distinctions.

While the once-Christian West falls to Leftists and globalists with no moral compass, and to career politicians who have no moral backbone at all, a large number of church leaders are playing golf and telling their flocks not to upset anyone. So here, I will have my say, while I am still in a society free enough to allow it.


1 https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/09/10/fauci-funded-wuhan-lab-viruses-10000-times-stronger-than-usual-documents-show/


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