This post is dedicated to the one or two readers I have left, on the other side of the planet, and to those few of you left in the United States. God bless you with light and truth, and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ve published seven hundred and forty eight posts since I began this blog, and wrote others which never got published. Some of them have been very popular, and so, I hope, helpful in some way to someone. Others received no views, and they were sometimes the ones I thought were my best, and which I had worked hardest on.

I would love to keep writing for the benefit and the pleasure of those few of you who keep coming back, but I get so little response in any form-in fact, none, that it no longer seems like a good use of time. Sometimes I spend eight to twelve hours a week writing one post for a small handful of people. Many of my earlier posts took a week of research, writing and editing. All I see now in response is a small view count, and some of those views may be a quick look and not really a read.


The final death-blow came more recently when I declared my stance on the subject of speaking in tongues. My readership dropped like a rock. No-one attempted to debate me: there were no contrary opinions offered, much less Scriptural references attempting to show me wrong. People are more in love with their pet doctrines and their pet views about what God is like than they are with the idea of searching for actual truth. And I am not one to try to be a pleaser: if you don’t like what I’m exposing, don’t expect me to change to please you. What matters is the truth, not popularity.

I realize that more and more people have turned to visual and more eye-catching information online, and that blogging is not the most popular form of sharing information or ideas.

I’ve come close to the moment of giving up two or three times before, but kept going. It seems clearer now that the time is right for me to hang up my keyboard. There is so much to say, but no reason to say it. As I’ve lived my life, and even in the time I’ve been writing this blog, the world has changed and people have changed. Those who do profess to have faith are now more determined to believe whatever their leaders say, and not to do the honorable Berean thing which is what I have tried to encourage. By that, I mean they prefer to trust in their own self-proclaimed experts, than to ask whether those things which the experts say are really so. There are very few open minds left in the world, and unfortunately, there are very few professing Christians-a diminishing number- who want Scripture to guide them. Instead, on the subject of origins, for example, they allow evolutionists to tell them that the world evolved, that life created itself, that there was no worldwide flood, that miracles don’t happen, and that secular experts have all matters of evidence sewn up.


The age of open minds has passed-at least, in the West: I don’t know the situation in the East or in Africa. Everyone here has their minds made up, and no-one is open to changing them. It is so because our media and education establishments, and false teachers in the Church have succeeded in convincing the majority that they know all things and that they are unbiased and incurably truthful and sincere. And it is so because church ministers no longer hold to scripture or to the teachings of Jesus Christ, who said to the Father, “Your word is Truth”.

I don’t know about you, but I am personally so disgusted with the direction our society is heading in that I want to opt out of it as much as possible. Opting out, in this case, requires not spending all my spare time researching the nonsense and the lies that people choose to believe, in order to share what I perceive to be truth in the only way I can: almost nobody is interested anymore. If you are one of those few people interested in Truth, I say get your Bible (but not one of the new, deceptive and “passionate” versions, and read it. From there the Holy Spirit of God will reveal Truth to you.

Don’t get me wrong: I haven’t lost any of my own desire to embrace and to share truth, and if I feel called upon to share my faith or the gospel of Jesus Christ, I will and I do: it’s the one truth above all worth sharing. But attempting to right all doctrinal and societal ills by studying them and to somehow oppose them with words is like trying to hold back the tide with one hand.


Having said all that, my plan is to work back through all my posts of the last several years, and to re-post a few of those which were very popular, and which seem to have helped some of you out there, along with a few others that I’m particularly proud of. I may even occasionally write something fresh. In that case, I’ll be brief.

Be assured that my faith is stronger than ever. I’m more convinced that there is a God, who created all things, and who has a Plan to restore His creation-to be fulfilled in His time-not ours. You are part of that plan, if you wish to be. All you need is to accept and revere His Son, who, being perfect and without sin or reproach, died to pay the penalty of all… yes all of your sin. Then, change your ways, and follow Him.

Love to you all.


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