Toast, Murphy’s (Sod’s) Law, and the Bible.

When you drop your toast on the floor, does it always fall jammy side down? When you go to the store or the bank, or when you drive into the city, are you always in the line that takes far longer to get there than the others do? Do you ever ponder how this happens? Fret no longer, dear reader: there may be an answer to the problem.



Some Christians insist that when Jesus turned water into wine, and when Paul said “drink a little wine for your stomach” (1 Timothy 5:23), the wine referred to must have been grape juice and wasn’t alcoholic. Jesus would never make alcoholic wine for a party, they say. I disagree.

I Didn’t Go To Church Today.

I fully recognize that I'm no better a person than anyone else inside the church walls. In fact, I may be more of a hypocrite than anyone there. Having said that, as anyone who read my last post will realize, there are a number of things about the professing Church today that annoy me, offend me, and even sicken me. This post addresses those things, in no particular order.


"The Indomitable", loaded with passengers, moved effortlessly over deep, dark waters. Hundreds had boarded the gleaming ship, bound for an exotic destination, on an all-expenses-paid cruise. But midway through the voyage, trouble is brewing...

Mind Burp 16: Beethoven on Drums.

Welcome to the further rantings of a man who never did fit the mould. This is the continuation of an intermittent series of my cerebral ventings, or cranial emanations, on a host of unrelated novelties.... in no particular order.

Makeover with Lucy!

Today we will learn how to get a makeover with Lucy! Her remains, transformed miraculously (intentional use of the word) into an attractive semi-human creature, along with others, have been used to attempt to prove a link between ape-like ancestors and we humans. If you think the evidence is undeniable, and if you've resigned yourself to it, you've been successfully misled.

The Tablet Found On Mount Ebal

We believers in the Bible don't need "proof", and we aren't living at the mercy of skeptical and unbelieving experts, but if what we are already convinced of is really true, confirmations are expected and welcome. I'm focusing here on just one of the many recent confirmations.

A Prophecy summary, January 2023

When will Jesus Christ return? When will the Tribulation begin? What do the prophecies really say? I here offer summarized results of my study on Biblical prophecy, which has been ongoing for forty-two years. This is entirely my own work, avoiding the common pitfalls of parroting standard interpretations and predictions.


Sometimes I think I'm just casually going to scan through a portion of Scripture in a couple of minutes, and instead the message contained therein comes alive, and I'm making all kinds of discoveries about it, even though I've read it countless times before. The Word of God is truly alive. It has unfathomable depth and significance. It's no creation of man.


While secular scientists claim to have backed the concept of God into a corner by explaining things in physical terms instead of what they dismissively and condescendingly describe as superstition, the truth is that the physical universe and all the laws they observe were created by God in the first place.


Guliuzza stressed that we need to stop seeing creatures as being passively shaped by their environments, as Darwinism asserts, and to start seeing them as active problem-solving entities, designed to adapt (to a limited extent) enabling them to fill the earth according to the will of God.


Is the gift of tongues really to be used for prayer? Are you really missing out if you don't have it? Should we all be praying in tongues? If you are genuinely wanting answers to these questions, and if you believe that the Bible is the Word of God, this article will help you.


Should Christians be involved in politics? This isn't a lengthy Bible study on the question, just a brief outburst of my thoughts... Photo by Brian Wertheim on Unsplash Our world is being run by evil, wicked, foolish people-East and West. Should we stand back and say "Go ahead, destroy our economy; take my hard earned money and spend … Continue reading SHOULD CHRISTIANS BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS?


Great claims are made of the gift of speaking in tongues today. Among them is the belief that tongues are heavenly prayer languages, or the languages of angels. Is this true? Is it Biblical? Photo by Christophe Van der waals on Unsplash We can search the Scriptures with a fine tooth-comb, and not find one example of angels … Continue reading ARE TONGUES REALLY HEAVENLY LANGUAGES?


In a large portion of the Christian church the claimed gift of speaking in tongues is held up as being almost supremely important to, and the sign of, a spirit-filled life. I'm going to examine this view today and in coming posts.


Those who insist that we must tithe are regularly citing two Old Testament passages to support their claims. In the first Abraham, they say, gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything he had, long before the law was instituted...


The number one reason people will give for not seeking or believing in God, so I'm told and so I gather, is the amount of suffering in the world. If there really were a loving God, we think, there would be no wars. There would be no crime, no disease, and no hunger or poverty...


We all know (or at least, not long ago we all knew) that a man who thinks he is a fish is probably suffering some kind of mental imbalance, and we say that he's insane. But insanity extends further than just those whose brains are physically sick and damaged


I've been interested in this subject long enough to know that there are a lot of very mistaken people out there, predicting, prognosticating, and generally confusing and misleading themselves and others, on the subject of the second coming of Jesus Christ.