SUFFERING PART 5: Discipline, Correction, and Punishment

It’s very human to think that God smiles and winks at everything people do, except perhaps certain types of murder and the things those awful people next door get up to. But like it or not, the God of the Bible disciplines even his own people-for their good.


From the day I committed myself to Jesus, I couldn't understand anyone wanting to loosely associate themselves with the gospel message but not accept what it claims. Some might call me a "fundamentalist". Well, if being sure of what you believe is fundamentalism, it's a valid and a welcome label


Regarding the assertion that the work of the Intelligent Design movement is "pseudo-science", it's interesting if not comical to note that some evolutionists are believing that life originated from somewhere else in the galaxy, and then "designed" life to begin and thrive here on earth.

Leaning on the Son

The world can be a tough place to live in, and people can make life miserable. Sometimes life is lonely and painful. But there's good news: Jesus, the Son, is faithful. Jesus is merciful. Jesus is loving. Jesus is kind and patient. He has said, "Never will I leave you or forsake you". I believe … Continue reading Leaning on the Son


In our time (to coin a phrase) there's a philosophy around every corner. There's one for every day of the week, for the rest of your life. There's a god for every whim, wish and eventuality. Are they really all valid, or do we need to focus a little more?

IN OUR TIME: The Evolution of Crocodiles

In our Time hasn't been pushing the claims of evolution very much lately, but when I saw the title of this particular episode, I decided I had to tackle it head-on, from the perspective of my faith and conviction that God created the heavens and the earth.


The one thing that’s struck me most while reading “Darwin’s Doubt” is that the majority of evolutionists (though not all) when confronted with, or upon discovering facts that put a wrench right in the middle of the cogs of Neo - Darwinism, just start building other cogs.

SIGNS: My thoughts on Israel

The modern state of Israel is the one thing which could be firmly considered a sign of the times: a sign that the return of Jesus Christ is near. How near? I'll give my opinion on that: the result of decades of research and observation.

Scrambling You

What happens when a great nation rejects unity in favour of diversity; it's history in favour of the unknown, and hundreds and thousands of years of standards, markers, principles, guidelines and accumulated wisdom? What happens when a great nation turns it's back on any honest reference to what made that society great? In answer, here's … Continue reading Scrambling You


Is all we see happening in the US and around the world just a continuation of history-long incompetence, deception and bad policies, or is something more profound going on?

Say it while you can…

Whatever it is, if you're not on the left of the political spectrum, say it or share it while you still can. Devin Nunes, one of many talking about big-tech's part in shutting down the speech of anyone they disagree with: "They are taking down our ability to communicate"* Speak up, and pray that they … Continue reading Say it while you can…


I killed Jesus Christ... I killed him with my tongue when I slandered my neighbour and spread rumours about him I killed him when I blamed someone else for what I had done I killed him with my anger, when I sought revenge on my enemy I killed Jesus. I killed him by my neglect, … Continue reading I KILLED JESUS CHRIST


How could I personally prepare for the end-times? And even if we aren't near the end times, the world is rapidly changing, and there's no way to stop it: how can I compose myself enough to deal with what's coming upon the world? How will I keep my cool and my sanity; my faith and my hope?


The constant insistence I read that we are entirely void of anything good in us without Christ is not correct, and Erasmus had good scriptural defense in his position over Luther's. We are, after all, created in the image of God, if fallen.


I know nobody likes whiners, but once in a while it's nice to know that someone feels the same way as you do about some things. Somehow it helps you to feel better-right? So here's a little whine-a little letting off of my own steam...


Covid vaccine doesn't yet fit the bill as defined in Revelation, without the use of some considerable extrapolation and deformation of the facts. However, it is possible that it is the "thin edge of the wedge".


Did Jesus Christ really exist as a man on earth? There are those in our world who have made it their mission in life to convince as many people as possible that he didn't...


The hypothesis continues. As time went on from the first sexual attraction between goldfish, there was selection of the generations for greater and greater sensitivity, but also for specificity, says our expert. That seems logical, but if, right at the start, "way back", the female had produced nothing to attract a mate, and the male had not responded, there would be no goldfish...


If you listen carefully to an evolutionist, you will, sooner or later, hear him or her inadvertently make a confession about either his motivation, or his chosen faith, or the missing facts of evolution. Additionally, he will share an "evidence" which really is not evidence at all.


At the heart of our culture war in the West, though un-noticed by many of us, is the following question: do we follow the ways of God, that is, the ways loosely (very loosely) followed by the Western world for the last fifteen hundred years or more, or do we wash our hands of that, and follow our own ideas?


In my science classes at school-admittedly quite a long time ago now, I was taught "uniformitarian" doctrine: the present is the key to the past. Change occurs over eons of time at the rate of processes we observe now, was the instruction I received. All that proven "fact" seems to have changed considerably...


We see plenty of scenes in churches and on Christian TV of people apparently experiencing the work of the Spirit at the hands of certain ministers, but we never hear the stories of those offended-turned away-by such things or left unsatisfied and mystified. If you're one of those, or if you as a believer just wonder what it's all about, I here offer a few Bible verses which pour cool reason onto the fire of nonsense...