Author: Fuel For Faith

If There’s a God, Why Hasn’t He Done Anything About Evil and Suffering?

Sometimes the words of Jesus Christ appear to be, on first reading, highly questionable. For example, He told his disciples: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me" (Matthew 28:13).

Is Faith Blind? Yes and no.

Many people, and particularly those of the atheistic persuasion, insist that Christians are living and operating on blind faith. We depend on superstition; we wallow in ignorance; we haven't evolved our brains to the next level yet as they clearly have, and we ignore science and reason because we're afraid to die, and in order to have meaning in our lives. Are they correct?


Two Roads

For professing Christians there are essentially two roads we can take in life, in terms of what we choose to believe. We can follow our own ideas and the voices of the multitude of experts-who between them produce a cacophony of ideas, alternative interpretations, excuses, lies, falsehoods, and wishful thinking-or we can read and believe what the Bible actually says.