Hi! This page is under construction and will be developing…

COMING SOON!     A new CD of my electronica, under my alias CILIUM. I’ll upload some samples and pictures once it’s released, around mid-February  2021. The style is mid-way between ambient and drum-and-bass.


Album Artwork

Below is a link to an album of contemporary jazz I recorded with my son as a bass/trumpet duo, and released a couple of months ago. If you like these samples you can follow links to various streaming sites, or buy a CD.

You can also find the album directly on your favourite streaming site. It’s called SKETCHES by SHERBET IMAGE. Or you could take a look at our Facebook page, send a message, buy a CD, or watch some videos of us: @SherbetImage

CILIUM  Try two samples of some electronic music I recorded a few years ago. They’re from an Ep CD called “Cave”. The EP will be available, along with the two other albums and some other tunes of my creation, on my new web site, around mid-February. Turn up the bass and click on the links (no advertising or strings attached)

Cilium_Cave 2LARK BLUE_Cilium_sample



My last link is to a piece of techno/trance music I created several years ago, called “Crazy Astronaut Dance”-some time, in fact, before someone decided to call themselves “Crazy Astronaut”. It’s set to a rather amateur video I made at the time. I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “MY MUSIC

  1. Nick, I got a haircut the other day by this friendly blonde girl, got talking about music, told her I play guitar/bass, and that I write a lot of original instrumental music, mostly of the funk/smooth jazz variety. She told me to check your website, and that you’d be a cool guy to jam with. I too am a follower of Christ, and play guitar/bass at a church here in Moses Lake. Anyhow, a friend of mine is a good drummer, and all we need is a bassist, in the hope of playing coffeshop type gigs in the near future. Call me if you’d be interested….(509) 387-6499.


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