Alright, the internet is, without doubt useful for business and commerce, and it’s great to be able to find a book or an item of clothing without even stepping out my door. ..

But is that such a good thing? I used to go out shopping with family and friends-now I do it with my computer instead. I used to walk to the bank and communicate with people in the bank and on the way, now I do my banking online. And when it comes to the social media, to blogging, gaming and even the habit of browsing information and news sites, I can’t help thinking we use the internet to keep at bay much of the loneliness so many of us feel most of the time, often without admitting it even to ourselves.

Along with its ruling partner television, internet gives the illusion of bringing the world together, when in reality it’s helping to drive us all into our own little cyber worlds, where we don’t look each other in the face, where we don’t do things together, and where the individuality we think we’re all gaining as though it’s something good is in fact dividing us more and more.

If I were a tiny bit more cynical even than I am, I might just think it was a ploy by the ruling classes; a classic divide and conquer strategy by exploiting our weaknesses;: a distraction to keep us all preoccupied and under control while our world is turned upside down.

And here am I, and here are you, fulfilling their wishes.


  1. It didn’t start that way, apparently, but the internet is just another tool to brainwash the masses, to ensure they consume, and perpetrate the system, and have just the right sort of opinions……


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