As a believer or a seeker of truth, do you ever wish you could find some credible information which supports your faith in a Creator? Do you ever wish that someone would give you answers to the nonsensical claims of evolutionists?



For those questioning the story evolutionists give us via the education establishment, TV and movies, I’d like to recommend a wonderful, level-headed and well-credentialed bunch of scientists and commentators within an organization known as the Institute for Creation Research. ICR, akin to the highly active and faith-building “Answers in Genesis” organization, has for decades been presenting fascinating and helpful information in many forms, one of which I intend to highlight here.

ICR’s monthly publication “Acts and Facts” is available online, or sent to your door free of charge in the form of an attractive glossy magazine. I’ve been reading this uplifting rag for about twenty-five years now. I’ve kept every issue and often refer to them. I’ve never been harassed for money by ICR (though they certainly deserve and need generous donations) and I’ve had the good fortune and blessing of attending several of their seminars.

The highly readable articles in this month’s copy of Acts and Facts include a report on ICR’s new quality DVD series, “Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs”. This is designed for a wide range of truth-seekers. There’s far more to the extinction of dinosaurs than we’re told by a secular establishment determined to keep “religion” and faith in a Creator out of your consideration.


On a rather more technical level an article by Jeffrey P. Tomkins, with a Ph.D in genetics, discusses findings from new research on internal telomere-like sequences within DNA, which add to the mounting pile of information showing that man and chimps are not descended from a common ancestor as we’ve all been told.

Next, another article which attempts to put technical information into a readable form is named “Gauge Bosons: The Glue that Holds the Universe Together”. This is part four of a series written by two Ph.D scientists, Jason Lisle with a doctorate in Astrophysics, and Vernon R. Cupps whose doctorate is in nuclear physics. I’ve written a post on Mr. Cupps.

A very helpful article for the Bible-believer and apologist is called “Genesis Compromise Unravels the Bible” written by Jake Hebert, with a Ph.D in physics.

Brian Thomas, M.S., discusses in layman’s terms why many identified “living fossils” demonstrate convincingly that the Flood of Genesis, and not eons of evolution, deposited the dinosaur-rich rock layers found all over the earth’s surface.

Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., and M.D., has a very enlightening piece called “Evolutionists Can’t See Eye Design”. Guliuzza, who laments that “…the content of mainstream scientific journals passes through chokepoints controlled by evolutionists”, in other words, that you aren’t going to find anything that isn’t politically-correct and fitting the evolutionary narrative in such publications, refutes specific and weak arguments by evolutionists who claim that eyes, “if” they were designed, were poorly designed.


Other articles in this issue are “So Many Skin Tones from Adam and Eve?” written by Brian Thomas, an interview with Pastor Richard Corwin discussing his graduation from an ICR Christian Education program, a report on a Creation Research Society annual conference, written by Frank Sherwin, M.A., and a promotion of ICR’s new Discovery Center for Science and Earth History by Henry M Morris IV.

For the layman with a little or a lot of scientific understanding or just plain common sense, Acts and Facts is a valuable link to a lot of cutting-edge research, analysis and thought which will build on your faith and understanding of God’s design.





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