(Otherwise titled “The Big Bang”)

Apparently celebrated evolutionist Richard Dawkins, among others, claims that while all of nature “looks” like it’s been designed, that’s actually just an illusion: it really isn’t designed at all (and he knows because he’s been around for all eternity, and has existed throughout the entire universe, of course).

Well, there’s a story going around with some relevence which may or may not be true: I’ll leave the decision to you, but it goes something like this…

One day Mr Dawkins was preparing to leave his house for yet another lucrative book-signing session, when a large explosion in the driveway in front of the house shook the building. Striding towards the front door, which was now hanging on one hinge, he gasped in shock and horror at the scene which met his eyes.

Where his beloved new limousine had been parked the night before there was now a tangled mass of charred and smoking debris, and the first confirmation that this debris was the remainder of his beautiful car was the sight of a steering wheel hanging from the oak tree. Something resembling an exhaust pipe had wrapped itself around the “No Religious Proselytizing Here” sign, and a hub cap, still wobbling, had somehow landed on the head of the Charles Darwin statue which adorned the garden fountain.

Moving mouth-agape towards the wreckage, Richard was now painfully taking on board the cold, stark reality that this was indeed his new limo. Over there was the hood… and over there was the hood…and way, way over there was the hood.

“Oh Dear!” exclaimed Richard with some degree of passion and consternation, “This is terrible!”

From the corner of his eye Richard detected his chauffer shuffling reverently from the garage.

“Dennis!” burst Richard, now in bitter tears…”what in God’s name has happened to my new car?

“My car…my new car…! It was so beautiful…it was so comfortable…it was so …so…expensive!

“It had leather upholstery, it had eight cylinders, it was fully equipped with all the optional electric extras…it had a state of the art guidance system and built in television! It was designed by the finest automobile technicians…!”

“No sir!” interrupted the chauffer gently, but with an undeniably wry grin, “you only thought it was designed –  that was just an illusion!”

Copyright © by Nick Fisher, September 2012