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Regarding the assertion that the work of the Intelligent Design movement is "pseudo-science", it's interesting if not comical to note that some evolutionists are believing that life originated from somewhere else in the galaxy, and then "designed" life to begin and thrive here on earth.

Leaning on the Son

The world can be a tough place to live in, and people can make life miserable. Sometimes life is lonely and painful. But there's good news: Jesus, the Son, is faithful. Jesus is merciful. Jesus is loving. Jesus is kind and patient. He has said, "Never will I leave you or forsake you". I believe … Continue reading Leaning on the Son


In our time (to coin a phrase) there's a philosophy around every corner. There's one for every day of the week, for the rest of your life. There's a god for every whim, wish and eventuality. Are they really all valid, or do we need to focus a little more?