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TRUTH OR INSANITY Pyramids are ancient space-ships, or, aliens built the pyramids. Really? That's what some people believe. Men can become women? Babies can be thrown away if you don't want them? Millionaire celebrities and football players, and royal family members are discriminated against? Two and two doesn't always make four? Defund the police? Four … Continue reading JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER


Some ministers and denominations are trashing the Old Testament as being irrelevant, allegorical, or unreliable. Unbelievers, some of whom are in the Church, think there is no authenticity to it. Is this justifiable? I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would write something on the reliability of the Biblical scriptures, so here's a … Continue reading TRUSTING THE OLD TESTAMENT


Why did God make us into physical beings, unable to see Him, and then expect us to love Him? And why did He give us five senses and put us in a physical world, but then limit what we can do with those senses, according to spiritual principles? Jesus talked to his disciples about the … Continue reading SENSE AND SENSUALITY


We Christians-those of us trying to be true to our faith-are often said to be narrow-minded, because we confine our worship and our beliefs to one God. Is this a fair accusation? What do we say to those who ask us, considering all the gods there are in the world, and with all the ideas … Continue reading WHAT ABOUT OTHER GODS?


Reason is not the enemy of Christian faith, it is a vital and indispensable part of it. It's common for atheists, agnostics, sceptics and unbelievers in general to mock Christians by claiming that we ignore reason. In fact the opposite is (or should be) true. And despite what some Christians think-which is that if you … Continue reading ON BEING SURE