You may be amused to find that some scientists are coming to the view that we need to eat fat after all, including saturated fats. A BBC report notes that scientists from Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, amongst others, looking at the results of nearly 80 studies involving more than a half million people, were unable to find convincing evidence that eating saturated fats leads to greater risk of heart disease. In fact, when they looked at blood results:

“…they found that higher levels of some saturated fats, in particular a type of saturated fat you get in milk and dairy products called margaric acid, were associated with a lower risk of heart disease”.

This only further demonstrates the point of my post, “Beware of the Experts”. Up to now we’ve almost been convinced into thinking that eating anything but lettuce is bad for us.

Since the believer is “the temple of the Holy Spirit”, it seems to me that honoring that temple involves eating enough to provide all our nutritional and energy needs, without sinning by being greedy, and it involves staying physically active. Common sense with the guide of Scripture can stop us from being confused by the experts.



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