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Hi to all you wonderful people out there-especially those of you in distant lands: United Arab Emirates, Uganda, South Korea, The Philippines, France, China, and more. It's such a blessing to know you're there. Today I've already published a serious post, but I don't want you all to think that I'm a serious, dull, depressed … Continue reading THE MONDAY LIGHT POST



A couple of hundred years ago the atom was thought to be like a tiny ping-pong ball. In 1911 Rutherford's experiments led to the realization that the atom is made of even smaller component parts. Now we know that those component parts are so small, particularly the electrons, that each atom is almost entirely space … Continue reading INFINITE SCIENCE: INFINITE GOD

Sanity In An Insane World

Does it ever seem to you that the world has gone crazy? Here's the antidote to insanity... I spent the first part of my life trying to escape reality in many ways, most notably and notoriously through alcohol and drugs. To me the world was an ugly, lonely, dark and boring place, and every opportunity … Continue reading Sanity In An Insane World