As a society turns its back on God, it inevitably becomes obsessed instead with what God has made, without acknowledging that He made it, and without giving Him the glory he deserves.

We look at an amazing piece of scenery or an animal, or space, and we say, “Oh look-isn’t it amazing”, as though “it” created itself. Of course, in the minds of believers in evolution, it did. Now that’s amazing!

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We in the West are becoming ruled by the physical and the sensual only so that we can’t see who made it all anymore, rather like not being able to see the wood for the trees.

Men (and I confess to being one), rather than admiring and respecting a woman as a fellow creation of the Almighty God; a living and eternal soul; an astoundingly complex machine consisting of trillions of tiny machines and self-preserving systems working in harmony; capable of endless forms of creativity, communication, service, love and godly worship, fill our heads only with her temporal shell-what she looks like, what shape she is, and what she would be like to encounter in a sexual union.

And women, in this age of hedonism, are also being encouraged, bribed, persuaded and brainwashed into seeing the world in a material, two-dimensional way only.


Yes, God created men and women to be attracted to each other, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, and I say thank the Lord for that. It’s obsession without seeking or acknowledging the Maker that’s wrong. Are we not supposed to “love God” as our ultimate and top priority?

Once again, the lowest common denominator is the goal. So how low can you get?

This is a form of worship. This is selfishness. This is narcissism.

Without the logic and wisdom that comes from our maker, we become fooled by what we see far too easily, so that when a man looks at a woman and finds her attractive, what he doesn’t know is that he’s really looking at God’s handiwork: God’s creative genius. Her character underneath that shell, ruled as it is by her unchecked and uninformed free will which refuses to seek God, may be the ugliest thing on earth. It’s reminiscent of the old sci-fi shows in which the protagonist falls for a stunner who’s really a hideous murdering alien beast in disguise. But no matter, because if we can use “it” for a little while (her body and her presence, as long as it’s compliant), we can just get a different one when the going gets rough, right?

And how many women fall for a man they find attractive (while he artfully convinces her that he’s mister wonderful), believing that she will tame him and remove his rough edges? Very often she finds out later that she was wrong, and that he’s wrecked her life.

What God has made does indeed contain great potential, and God created the act of physical union. But in a world where we work for the lowest common denominator and ignore the spiritual and ethical dimensions-the guidance given by the One who designed us-that potential is never going to be realized. Physical union without love and commitment can only destroy the glue that holds us all together.

The apostle Paul explained that the last step in a society’s process of self-destruction is when God steps back and hands people over to that self-destruction and to their perversions (see Romans chapter 1). It’s a huge mistake to think that all will be well: history is littered with evidence to the contrary, and the most powerful empires have not survived for long. What makes us think ours will be any different?


The age of free love has actually freed men to be exactly what women despised them for, no more than just a few decades ago. Men now don’t have to be committed, and they don’t have to be faithful, and they don’t have to be gentlemen, because after, they “can’t help it”: it’s the “natural” physical urge which drives them. And who’s to say it’s wrong, if there is no Creator and no Judge, and if we all come from a puddle? “My truth may not be your truth”, so if I decide to use women and move on to someone else, how dare you “judge” me by saying that’s wrong?

For best results follow the maker’s instructions. By ignoring and trashing the Creator, we are setting ourselves and successive generations up for disaster, individually and collectively.



  1. A well written and measured piece mate, and very right on too!
    Western civilisation falls over its self to sow the seeds of it’s own destruction.
    Look at the last great and mighty empire, now an enclave of thieves……


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