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I Didn’t Go To Church Today.

I fully recognize that I'm no better a person than anyone else inside the church walls. In fact, I may be more of a hypocrite than anyone there. Having said that, as anyone who read my last post will realize, there are a number of things about the professing Church today that annoy me, offend me, and even sicken me. This post addresses those things, in no particular order.



A person I knew asked me once if I agreed that it was selfish of God to expect humans to praise him. I'm not sure how well I answered him at the time, but if I could answer him now, I might say something like this... God made us. We are His creation, as is … Continue reading WHY PRAISE GOD?


Watching the news; observing people and the affairs of humanity; looking in the mirror and thinking of what I've done with my own life, I had to ask my God why He would care at all about the human race... "What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that … Continue reading WHAT GOD WANTS


A friend of mine who's been dabbling in several religions and philosophies for many years including Buddhism, but who's arrived at no particular view of truth (and probably never will) asked me if I meditate, and if so, what does Christian meditation entail... My answer was that whereas meditation within Buddhism and other philosophies is designed … Continue reading CHRISTIAN MEDITATION

The Manufacturer’s Instructions

I'm frequently amazed by the many people who associate themselves with the Christian faith, who perhaps attend church regularly, who consider themselves to be good citizens (and may well be) but who have no other guide or authority for their life and way of thinking than their own judgment and opinions... If you were to … Continue reading The Manufacturer’s Instructions