The Lord has blessed me with a rich and full life already, so here begins a little series noting some of my favorite experiences…

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I was almost sixteen, and I was travelling to the US from London to visit some family. Boarding the plane from Heathrow I managed to get a seat next to the window. As the plane taxied down the runway I couldn’t understand why the wing appeared to come apart, or whether I should be worried about it. This just added to the thrill of my first ever flight…a little fear adds fun to any occasion, doesn’t it?

At the start of the runway, the captain announced that we’d been given clearance to take off.

What happened next-though I’ve flown many times since-was without doubt one of the great events of my life. The engines roared and screamed, the plane shook, and we began to move. The thrill of the moment made me light-headed as I felt the power of those incredible engines pushing me back into my seat, and that mighty machine thundered down the runway, in a do-or-die determination to escape from the earth.

No, we didn’t crash.