I recently heard Dr. Jay Richards on the radio briefly tell the tale of a research astronomer called Guillermo Gonzalez. The story demonstrates how any consideration of a Creator is frequently shut out of the education establishment (and the media), in order to deny students and anyone else the opportunity of hearing anything but puddle-to-human indoctrination.

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Gonzalez obtained a BS in 1987 in Physics & Astronomy from the University of Arizona and a Ph. D. in Astronomy from the University of Washington in 1993. He did post-doctoral work at the University of Texas, Austin and the University of Washington. He received fellowships, grants and awards from NASA, the University of Washington, Sigma Xi, and the National Science Foundation. Among his achievements has been work featured in the world’s most prestigious science journals, Nature in 2002 and Science in 2004. He co-authored a cover story for Scientific American in 2001, and he is co-author of a 2006 peer-reviewed Cambridge University Press textbook, Observational Astronomy.

From his position as research professor at the University of Washington he went to Iowa State University. While there he was very nearly the most published member of the faculty, with over seventy peer-reviewed scientific articles.

However, when Gonzalez’ book “The Privileged Planet” and associated documentary reflecting his understanding of evidence for Intelligent Design were published, a “Professor of Religion”-an atheist-took exception to Guillermo’s beliefs and led a successful petition to deny him tenure at the University. In higher education, tenure is a professor’s permanent job contract, granted after a probationary period of several years.

The good news is that Gonzalez subsequently moved to Ball State University, a public research university in Indiana. But the story illustrates how any consideration of a Creator is withheld from the public. And you thought it was all about evidence, didn’t you!


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