Last weekend after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to make same-sex marriage the law of the land, I entered the “Admin” page on my WordPress blog to find an addition I hadn’t requested-a rainbow-across the top of it. I tried to convince myself it was just coincidence-a nice little decorative idea, but I didn’t succeed.

So why was the rainbow there, in my private parts, so to speak? Was it WordPress’s way of saying, “Hey isn’t it great that same sex couples can get married now-let’s all celebrate that thousands of years of human history and tradition, not to mention the explicit commands of God and the testimony of nature itself, has been overturned!”? Or were they perhaps a little more cynically saying, “Take that, you fat narrow-minded hateful right-wing miserable ignorant white male Christian bigot!”?

Either way, if the rainbow had been on my front page, or if it had lingered a little longer where it was, I would have deleted my site and with the spare time I would have taken up stamp-collecting, sky diving, pebble-polishing or rock climbing instead: anything which would not be attempting to paint my mind and my testimony with the same brush of “correct” thought.

You see, I’m not about to cave to the political correctness, the “tolerance” which refuses to tolerate my views, and the spring tide flowing as quickly as it can flow away from my God. Yes, God loves everyone, but he doesn’t love everything that appeals to human nature.

The day of the decision was a very dark day for the United States; a day of division and not one of union; a day of consequences and not one of resolution. The future will be darker and the determination to gain special rights and to gain respectability will only diminish true Christian speech and freedom-and with it freedom for all.