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Scrambling You

What happens when a great nation rejects unity in favour of diversity; it's history in favour of the unknown, and hundreds and thousands of years of standards, markers, principles, guidelines and accumulated wisdom? What happens when a great nation turns it's back on any honest reference to what made that society great? In answer, here's … Continue reading Scrambling You


Is all we see happening in the US and around the world just a continuation of history-long incompetence, deception and bad policies, or is something more profound going on?


When I attended school, in the days when classical works were still considered to be a vital part of good education, Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" was required reading, as was Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four". Looking back, I'm not so sure now that the intention of everyone involved in writing the school syllabi was to … Continue reading THE OLD BRAVE NEW WORLD


I scanned the weather forecasts a couple of weekends ago in desperation, praying that the below-freezing winds passing straight through my body as I worked outside would soon abate... Sure enough, temperatures, said the official forecasts, were going to rise daily over the next week until pleasantly mild. However, the cold remained locked in throughout … Continue reading LOOKING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE