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Good news, dear people! Now that we’ve finally rid our world of those awful and arbitrary gender designations (see note 1 below) we will be moving ahead with further ground-breaking changes…


Dear citizens, Our Wonderful Person has announced a new alteration to our language, formerly known in Dark Days, days of colonialism, bigotry and Trumpism, as “English”.

Our Wonderful Person wants us to remove a certain rancorous and disgusting three-letter word from permitted vocabulary due to highly offensive specificity and exclusivity. An ugly, sadistic sequence of letters, an offense around us, begins with a “t”, quickly progresses without shame to an “h”, and then abruptly ends itself with an “e”, offering no apology whatsoever. Oh, expression is almost TOO HORRIBLE TO CONTEMPLATE! Expression makes OUR WONDERFUL PERSON FEEL SICK! Expression makes me WANT TO DIE! AAAAAGH! OH NO…! I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!! GET RID OF EXPRESSION…NOW!!!!!!

I apologize for emotion, dear people. I will duly punish myself.

Our Wonderful Person also wishes me to announce further forthcoming revisions for which we must all prepare or face consequences. Since a certain expression discussed above transgresses our new and glorious Book of Permitted Vocabulary, so others with similarity will soon be extricated from daily use. Here they are, though I am SICK AND DISGUSTED TO USE THEM OR EVEN MENTION THEM…




There is one more expression, or perhaps more…or less (depending how many you believe there are) to be dealt with around a very near future, according to Our Wonderful Person. An expression known as (gulp) “word”. Yes, good people, I’ve used a expression twice-give or take a few times-through my report, and for them I sincerely apologize. BUT BELIEVE ME: A PROFOUND NECESSITY OVERTOOK ME!

An above “w” expression (you know, “w…o…r…d”) must soon be removed from our books (and even our lips and our minds, dear people) since such an expression discriminates greatly against non-w…o…r…d expressions.

Around a place we will use far more inclusive and less stereotypical expressions, such as “ugh”; “hmm”, or “grr”. Our Glorious Book of Permitted Vocabulary will now be filled with happy, positive, loving and inclusive “ughs”: a far more earth-friendly, citizen-friendly prospect.







I say leave the doors of Parliament open in London, and the doors of congress, and equivalent buildings in other western capitals, and offices of big media companies, and let’s have no lock downs…

Let’s make sure that politicians and mayors and wealthy political donors and “news” reporters don’t have armed guards or live in gated communities away from the rest of us. Let’s have a level playing field.

I say that not because I want MPs to be murdered, or congressmen or senators, or media people: I certainly don’t. But if they were as vulnerable as the rest of us to extreme violence, they might try somewhat harder to find genuine solutions to the problem of terrorism which the majority of them are essentially inviting into the West.

While the globalists, safe in their expensive and secure homes and communities work in multiple ways to mash people of totally opposite world-views and cultures together, the rest of us are supposed to “get used to the new normal”, and to “not be alarmed”. Right…don’t be alarmed that you might get sliced up-literally- by a mad-man with a knife while you’re walking down the street in a “free” country!

I agree that the vast  majority of Muslims are peaceable, and want to uphold the laws of the lands they live in, and I agree that the vast majority of them are honorable people. But think of this: if only one in ten thousand holds an extreme view of his belief system, and we allow hundreds of thousands…millions…more into our countries, we’re allowing many more extremists: people who will have the opportunity to murder those around them until the police arrive to clean up the mess.

They murder not just because they hate westerners, but to silence dissent to their views (that’s worked already with the PC crowd) and to goad other would-be peaceful worshippers into a more extreme experience.

Who in their right mind takes the attitude that a few deaths don’t matter because there are so many people in the country that the likelihood of being one of the murdered is slim? That’s probably what all the victims of recent terror attacks and their parents thought before the unthinkable happened to them.

How much do politicians really care about their people and their country…?

I’m said to be “ignorant” because I believe in a Creator. I’m “a member of the flat earth society” because I don’t go along with man-made climate change propaganda. I’m “deplorable” because I like Donald Trump…

evolution from soup

I’m a “right-wing extremist” because I don’t support overbearing socialist and globalist agendas; I’m a “misogynist” because I want abortions to stop-some of them occur up to the moment of birth; I’m “Islamo-phobic” because I want to separate murderers from the truly peaceful; I’m “racist” because I believe we should have a border; I’m “bigoted” because I’m a white male, and I’m “hateful” because I believe in God’s design for marriage…

The list goes on.

Come on now, with all this name-calling, vilification, falsification and rioting in order to  avoid real debate, are we really in a “sophisticated” twenty-first century culture, or are we still metaphorically crawling around in prebiotic soup-“soup” being a euphemism for something much less appetizing and much more stinky?


Political correctness has almost succeeded in getting a stranglehold on free speech and free religious expression in the United States in recent years…

Mr. Trump has become a leader in the battle to throw off its shackles, and announced unashamedly in his recent speech in Ohio that “We will be saying Merry Christmas again”. That’s one of the best things I’ve heard in years, and I’m convinced that millions felt the same way when they heard it, because it represents-finally-some opposition to the rot, and the stifling, weakening affect of political correctness.

I see that some on the other side, determined to paint Trump as a modern day Hitler (though they, as socialists, miss the fact that Hitler was the leader of the German Socialist party) are claiming Trump is going to “force” everyone to say “Merry Christmas”. How arrogant, deceptive and divisive can people get?

No-one will be “forced” to say the dreaded seasonal greeting, but instead, some who’ve been afraid to say it will now be encouraged. Government ministers will no longer be castigated for saying those words. The reasoning behind banning them or refraining from using them in many public and work-place settings is that they are “offensive”. Well suppose I find “Happy Holidays” offensive?

The message of the birth of Jesus Christ is the best news the world has ever had. So Merry Christmas, to anyone who wants one.

Thanks to some irresponsible and manipulative people in politics, education, media and in our entertainment industry, the lie that Donald Trump and his voters are “all white male racists” has helped cause riots and all kinds of hand-wringing, fear and hype, weeping and wailing.

Those who are claiming to be the “tolerant” ones are proving to be intolerant of democracy and other peoples’ views. Is Donald Trump racist? Why not ask the two amazing and wonderful ladies in this You Tube video, or watch the other video below discussing why some African Americans voted for Trump…


No, I am not in the least bit prejudiced towards other races. To my mind all “races” are equal in value, gifts, and talent, and should be treated accordingly, though I’m convinced there’s only one race-the human race. African-Americans, as Mr Trump has said himself, have contributed to the culture and success of this nation to an incalculable extent and in countless ways, as have Hispanics and many others. They make America what it is. They enrich and color (excuse the pun) the culture, and they’re loved by our Creator every bit as much as I’m loved by him. They are my brothers and sisters in the flesh.

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