The majority of us are dishonest at one time or another. I’ve known people who literally spend all their time thinking up ways of benefitting at someone else’s expense…

One of the many benefits of honesty is a clear conscience. I’ll give you an example.

Imagine that I work hard in my job, even when the boss isn’t looking. I claim only the hours of work that I’ve actually done, or perhaps even less. I keep my break-time short and punctual, even when no-one would know if I took an extra fifteen minutes or so of time but claimed the pay for it anyway. I don’t complain about my boss behind his back. I don’t steal anything, but treat my employer’s property as I would want my own to be treated-with care, reverence and respect.

In this scenario-becoming rarer in these days-I can go to bed at night and sleep, with no fear, no niggling memory of my own wrongdoing or a “he deserves it” attitude, and no subconscious fear of Divine retribution. I can feel good about myself. I can take pride in my work, in my character, and in my employer’s business.

But more than that, if it transpires that my employer is unfair, dishonest and unreliable; if it turns out that he is taking advantage of me, or worse-if he accuses me of laziness or wrongdoing, I am still the beneficiary of a glorious clear conscience in front of the mirror, in my bed, before my fellow man, and before God Almighty. My reward is eternally secure.

Yes, the ways of human nature can stink to high heaven. But the ways of God are right, and good, and beautiful.


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