It really is true that if you “count your blessings” you begin to realize what a tremendous gift life is, despite all the hardships, horrors, hassles and hindrances. Perhaps my list of favorite things will help you count your blessings too…

The following list does intentionally omit certain favorite things of mine-one is blanket reference to my faith, but you can accept as a given that the God of the Bible rules my preferences, and I have, unavoidably, noted a few things relevant to my beliefs.

Another intentional omission is consideration of romance and sex, which would otherwise populate the list in a rather more colorful way. But as I’ve said before, this is intended to be a “family-friendly” blog.


Favorite color: purple

Favorite word: love

Favorite sound: birds singing; ocean waves pounding the shore

Favorite plant: Pine tree (all varieties)

Favorite animal: Thrush

Favorite food: English cheese

Favorite meal: Tandoori chicken

Favorite substance: paint

Favorite name: Jesus

Favorite time: bed time

Favorite material: leather

Favorite movie: “Koyaanisqatsi”, “Oedipus Wrecks”

Favorite movie star: Woody Allen

Favorite song: And Can It Be?

Favorite ice cream: Baskin Robbins chocolate fudge

Favorite game: snooker

Favorite sport: soccer

Favorite comedian: John Cleese, Michael Palin

Favorite speaker: Ken Ham

Favorite topic of discussion: origins and creation

Favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite painting: Olive Trees series by Van Gogh

Favorite art style: cubism

Favorite musical genre: electronica

Favorite musical instrument: piano

Favorite composer: JS Bach

Favorite band: Yes, Gentle Giant

Favorite musician: Chris Squire, Jaco Pastorius

Favorite vocalist: Jon Anderson

Favorite book: “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Favorite drink: Couintreau

Favorite planet: Saturn

Favorite Bible book: John’s gospel, Genesis

Favorite politician:

Favorite website:

Favorite fruit: Israeli oranges

Favorite place: the Grand Canyon

Favorite weapon: the pen

Favorite country: England 1973

Favorite experience: worshipping God

Favorite odor: patchouli, pine, seaspray

Favorite statesman: Winston Churchill

Favorite sensation: raindrops on a hot summer day

Favorite weather: severe thunderstorms

Favorite temperature: 88F (low humidity)

Favorite Dr. Who enemy: the weeping angels

Favorite tool: saw

Favorite Star Wars scene: Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan versus Darth Maul

Favorite Star Wars character: the original emperor

Favorite existing building: York Minster

Favorite car: 1970 VW Beetle

Favorite disease: fits of laughter


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