I’m getting tired of people, most particularly politicians, attempting to shoe-horn my views in their direction, by calling me “fearful”, “ignorant”, “bigoted”, “homophobic” and “racist”…

No, Mr. President, I do not engage in anti-Muslim sentiment because I am fearful*. I do not engage in anti-Muslim sentiment at all, neither am I fearful. I simply have a totally different worldview to yours, and I do not wish to see any innocent people murdered just because you and your administration refuse to recognize that a small percentage of Muslims are extremely violent and wish to see the end of Western civilization.

If I lock my house door at night is it because I’m full of fear? No, it’s because I’m being wise and prudent. Do you lock your doors at night Mr. President? Do you have an armed guard? If you do, is that not by your own standard a sign of fear which will lead you to violence?





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