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TRUTH OR INSANITY Pyramids are ancient space-ships, or, aliens built the pyramids. Really? That's what some people believe. Men can become women? Babies can be thrown away if you don't want them? Millionaire celebrities and football players, and royal family members are discriminated against? Two and two doesn't always make four? Defund the police? Four … Continue reading JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER


I've been losing viewers since around election time, or more precisely, just after election time-when I commented on the result. Evidence was available to anyone who wanted to find it that the US presidential election was severely compromised, and when the courts, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, social media sites, the Democrats and half … Continue reading BEING READY TO STAND


In our recent election, huge amounts of evidence of election falsification was ignored by state governors, courts, the Supreme Court, the Democrats and a large number of Republicans also. Free speech is on the ropes, people, and I for one will not be voting Republican again unless something in the party changes dramatically. Even on … Continue reading DEFEND FREEDOM


I'm sorry people, but the social media site beginning with "t" just flew away at my request. Likewise, the other one beginning with "f" will not be allowed here. My shopping will not longer be done at that all-encompassing site beginning with "a" unless absolutely necessary. Traitors they are to our nation, and enemies of … Continue reading SINKING THE CENSORSHIP


Pravda had nothing on the lies and propaganda of our modern "news" media. When courts and congress will not even look at the huge amount of evidence of election fraud, and media backs them up, it means that freedom has been stolen by people who want to change America and destroy the West. Europe has … Continue reading USA!