How we greet people, and who we greet, can say a lot about who we are, and about our spiritual and mental condition…


(Photo by Kenny Louie, who hasn’t endorsed this post)

If we only want to say “hi” to the beautiful people we’re probably vain and shallow. If we avoid greeting people who’ve offended us we’re probably unforgiving and harboring bitterness. If we only say hi to those who benefit us in some way we’re probably self-centred, and if we only want to pass the time of day with people who agree with us the chances are we’re arrogant and self-righteous.
A greeting is a kind of gift. It’s an expression which helps-even if only to a small extent-to give a person the feeling that someone cares that they are alive, and that the world might be worth living in after all.
Hello is only a little word: it’s so easy to utter, and a smile has more power than we can imagine to lift spirits and to make someone’s day…or lifetime.
I’ve been trying to make a point of greeting the kind of people I once failed to greet: the elderly, the unattractive, the threatening, the scruffy, and I’ve noticed many countenances change in response to a smile and a respectful and sincere salutation.
Go ahead…make my day! Smile, and say hi.