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How many nice people do you know? Let me be a little more specific: How many people do you know who you feel at ease with; who are genuine and real; who are warm and thoughtful; who you know care sincerely and consistently about you; who you trust, and who are committed to companionship with … Continue reading NICE PEOPLE


Watching the news; observing people and the affairs of humanity; looking in the mirror and thinking of what I've done with my own life, I had to ask my God why He would care at all about the human race... "What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that … Continue reading WHAT GOD WANTS


With all  the fake news stories; the smears and lies; the threats of emigration; the false charges of racism, misogyny and xenophobia; the plethora of unproved accusations; the boycotts of Trump family products and Trump events; the protests and riots; the plans to impeach and the more-than-obscene language and rants hurled at the new president, it's becoming clearer by the day … Continue reading HOW NOT TO BE TOLERANT…


Have you ever felt like nobody really cares about you? Having a tendency to be rather melancholy myself, I've struggled with those feelings on and off all my life. The truth is that someone does care...to the point of obsession... I've been scanning hundreds of old pictures I took of my sons just before the advent … Continue reading THINKING OF YOU


Some experiences in life, some events and outcomes can be unbearably dark, sad and painful. Others are inexpressibly beautiful, powerful and fulfilling. Even the simplest pleasures such as watching a sunset or feeling gentle raindrops on bare skin can be moving moments. And of course, to love and to be loved are blessings beyond words... … Continue reading THE REAL THING