One person leaves a computer and a phone on top of the car and drives off, losing both, then claims insurance on them saying that they were stolen. No, it’s not “the insurance company” that pays, it’s all those who have to fork out more for their policies.

Another takes hundreds of dollars a month in food coupons when all the time her live in lover earns big money. No, it’s not “the government” that pays, it’s all those who work to pay taxes to the government who pay.

A large multi-national media corporation makes its news reports heavily slanted to further the plans and objectives of its preferred political party. A mother leaves her very young children to go and live with her new boyfriend. A couple trying to make their business work are sued for not affirming something that’s against their deeply held religious beliefs.

Political correctness ignores the will of the majority and panders to the minority.

Do I need to go on? Surely we all hear such stories every day. And it’s really no wonder that the politicians we elect, who promise to be “transparent” and to do their best for all the people under their care, actually end up only working to further their own agenda and enrich themselves. They are the reflection of the people who elect them, and we are destroying ourselves.


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