The West is dismantling Truth and “transforming” itself, while certain other societies in the world, adhering faithfully to their convictions, are on the ascendancy…


Our politicians, certain that they know what’s best for the rest of us-right down to what we should and should not eat (because we’re all so ignorant and stupid) and determined to fulfill their own radical agendas, are busy turning our world upside down, tossing aside those things which have given strength, cohesion, stability and wealth for centuries.

We’re now in an age of lawlessness. I’m not suggesting that the general public is revolting in anarchy. On the contrary, the populace has largely been doped, duped and entranced by entertainment, the media and the education establishment into total submission. No, I’m talking about an intentional rejection of Judeo-Christian morality which has been the foundation of our society for hundreds of years. True-it didn’t bring perfect peace and justice, but we live in an imperfect world governed by imperfect humans.
The age of lawlessness is being pushed down our throats at breakneck speed by those now in power. With it comes all the things that would have made Karl Marx rub his hands with glee: the destruction of the traditional, natural family, the vilification of Christian morality and values as being “hatred”, the silencing of the Church, historical revisionism, the hijacking and brainwashing of our children, the desire to control every area of our life, the centralization of all political and economic power which is moving the US from being a republic towards being an oligarchy, and the stripping of freedom for all people who would love to run a business of their own and be left to work hard for their betterment, without being buried in regulations, taxes and political correctness.

12590916-karl-marks-monumentJust for the record, I’m hopeful that the slide can be reversed, and part of the answer may lie in this year’s general election.
The kings and queens of political-correctness can now lie, cheat, kill, destroy and deceive with complete immunity, veiled and protected by adoring media companies which are fully behind their agenda.
I’m convinced that the central issue is morality, and of course it’s a spiritual problem: the economy and national security are really secondary issues. What drives the elites and politicians wanting to re-shape our world, along with their adoring media people and millions of faithful followers, is a determination to demolish traditional morality, which largely came from a set of Biblical guidelines-an instruction manual for humanity (for best results follow the maker’s instructions). They’re working to replace it with their own standards in the conviction that this will make them happy, and in the determination that dissenters must be happy also, or else they’ll be sorry.
The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against his Anointed One. “Let us break their chains” they say, “and throw off their fetters” (Psalm 2:3).
Not only do they want to create a brave new world, unprecedented, untested and based on their own ideas of right and wrong (let’s play God) but they’re also determined to force the rest of us to smile and like it. We’ll all be free their way or else face the wrath of the thought police.
Ultimately the very apex of lawlessness , a man likely suspected by a minority before his revealing, is going to make himself known to everyone:
“…that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or worshiped” (2 Thess. 2:3-4).
In the town where I live some people go shopping in their pajamas (“pyjamas” in the UK). It’s always amazing to me that they’re not the slightest bit embarrassed or even aware of how they appear to the few of us who care: there’s no shame whatsoever. In the same vein our politicians have no shame whatsoever that what they claim in order to get elected is forgotten once they gain their positions of power and privilege, or that they freely support and promote things which would, just two or three decades ago, have made anyone blush.

Our society has for so long been in the grip of the likes of Hollywood, popular music, television, video games and a multiplicity of social media toys that some people have actually come to believe that a man who decides he’s a woman really is a woman. While women are officially supposed to be gaining equality and preferential treatment in this country, they now have to endure a loss of their privacy and sense of security in public bathrooms so that men who want to dress as women can play out their fantasies. Also thanks to this present administration women are now in line for the front line in the next war.
Another sign of the loss of any sense of reason or truth in society is seen in what people will unquestioningly believe about their own origins. Without seeing the slightest bit of evidence and without asking any questions for fear of being called names, people are happy to believe that a cow, or a goat, or a wolf, evolved into a whale, and that humans evolved from something like a lemur and have no more value than a slug or a fish. And if we evolved from nothing, we can do whatever we want, without having to answer to anyone, can’t we?

In a world where entire cultures have sworn to see to our destruction we have people like John Kerry speaking of a “border-less world”, and of course his master actually doing his best to bring it about. While I’m unable to get into my local mountain range until May because of all the snow up there, and the highest peaks are still far from climbable in July, we hear that the glaciers on the north pole are “all disappearing”, that Manhattan is just about to go underwater, and that the actions of terrorists are brought on by climate change. This alleged climate change is, you’ll recall, caused by us degenerates who refuse to walk ten miles to work every day or to eat less or to freeze in the winter while our masters bask in wealth and luxury. The conclusion of such logic must then be that terrorism and the murder of innocents is actually our fault. Don’t you feel guilty?
The talk in political circles now, at least in this administration, is that anyone suggesting that man-made climate change is false or a hoax are worthy of prison time. This, in contrast to a presidential candidate wishing to stop illegal immigration, is the real fascism.
Mankind has intentionally removed his brain from reality for such a long time now, leaving it all up to the “experts” hundreds and thousands of miles away and happily out of touch with those that elect and employ them, that we’ve lost all track of what Truth is. And in order to have some sort of grip on daily life, in order to re-make the universe in our own image, we’ve created our own truth. Our forefathers, at least many of them, were aware that:
There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 14:12).
However, in this lawless post-modern experiment, all fear of consequence is absent.

The pajamas are on, and they’re dirty, smelly, gaudy and ill-fitting, but there’s no shame.


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