Well hello…beautiful!

As in any romantic relationship, the love affair I have with my WordPress blog is full of ups and downs. In one single day I can become despondent, thinking that the world isn’t interested: I’m not loved, and perhaps I’m wasting my time. Worse yet-maybe I’m unlovable. Perhaps what I’ve written really is trash anyway. Then, hours or minutes later, I discover that I’m liked! I get views from South Africa or China or France, or anywhere around the globe, and my heart is thumping! I’m up in the clouds again, certain that it’s all worth the time and effort, and vowing to be more dedicated and committed.

Anyone who blogs knows how carefully a post is prepared. like a date with that certain special someone. It’s conceived; it’s thought over; it’s planned; its showered with promise, and it’s gently laid out on a soft clean page. As if that weren’t excitement enough, it’s lovingly given a warm, sensuous back rub, with smooth, suave, sweet words and caressing touches, being careful not to go too far or to offend, but at the same time, wanting to thrill and please to the max!

Thank-you, good readers, lookers and glancers. You don’t talk much, but I always did prefer the quiet type anyway. Please come back soon, and stay a little longer next time…


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