The Russian Scapegoat

What the Russian government has done to Ukraine and to the men who are doing the dirty work for them, is terrible and disgusting. Aggression is inexcusable, except in self-defense. However, I’m not going to join in the hate party now going on via our mainstream media.

Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

Now our leaders have the perfect scapegoat: Mr. Putin has done Western governments an enormous favor. The price of fuel and energy is all the fault of Mr. Putin and Russia-never mind the fact that gas at the pumps just before the invasion of Ukraine was already twice its price under President Trump. The cost of your food bill is due to the actions of the Russian leader. All policy disasters will now be placed squarely on Putin’s shoulders: it’s all his fault. Oh, and now we also have the perfect opportunity-a second after Covid’s failure-for a Great Reset of the Western world. Let’s just all dispose of our cars and buy expensive electric cars instead, or catch the bus, and get used to being cold in the winter, for the sake of Mother Earth.

After the way our “news” media and more than half of Washington DC treated Donald Trump, from the moment he announced his bid for election, and after the shabby cover-up of the last general election, and after the lies of Fauci and others who funded gain-of-function research at the lab where Covid 19 most likely came from, I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the media, in government, in the secret services, or in the celebrities and social media giants who jumped on the bandwagon against Trump, against half of America, and against the freedom to say something different.

Yes, Russia has stepped way out of line, and there’s no excuse whatsoever for their action in Ukraine. But I’m painfully aware that propaganda flows like putrified wine and champagne out of DC, and I’m just as disgusted to see and hear the hatred being whipped up against Russia.

Who else noticed that in the preposterous, vile, callous and crass framing of Trump as being a Russian agent, the other casualties of it all, besides Trump, his family, his supporters, and America, were the Russian people?

Okay, so the nation is Communistic or socialistic: do we want to wind ourselves up with hatred, or do we want to build bridges and heal our world? Why is it claimed that the Democrats are the party of peace? How can they be, when not only are they prepared to start a race war by accusing half the country of rampant racism, but also prepared to cause the Russian people to suffer dire economic consequences of their governments’ actions, and to encourage distrust and hatred of Russia with their blatant lies, used to try to remove a man they don’t like from office?

No, I can’t trust what I hear in the media anymore. Yes, I will pray for the people of Ukraine, but I will also pray for the people of Russia. Lord have mercy on them all…and on us also. We also are under the control of a bunch of people who can’t speak truth or see sense.


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