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From the day I committed myself to Jesus, I couldn't understand anyone wanting to loosely associate themselves with the gospel message but not accept what it claims. Some might call me a "fundamentalist". Well, if being sure of what you believe is fundamentalism, it's a valid and a welcome label

SIGNS: My thoughts on Israel

The modern state of Israel is the one thing which could be firmly considered a sign of the times: a sign that the return of Jesus Christ is near. How near? I'll give my opinion on that: the result of decades of research and observation.

Scrambling You

What happens when a great nation rejects unity in favour of diversity; it's history in favour of the unknown, and hundreds and thousands of years of standards, markers, principles, guidelines and accumulated wisdom? What happens when a great nation turns it's back on any honest reference to what made that society great? In answer, here's … Continue reading Scrambling You