“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. A terrific proverb, no? Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the content of this post… at least, not directly. I just needed a sensational title and a provocative opening paragraph.

Notice-the road is not paved at all, demonstrating my lack of good intentions…

I intended to write today on the subject of the fine-tuning of the universe. Instead, I’ve gone off on a little tangent, and a mini-tirade, and what follows is a commentary on a topic near to my heart. Fine tuning is still in the works.

Again, I’m no scientist, but the claims which’ve been flying thick and fast to the effect that science and “religion” are totally incompatible and are enemies are patent nonsense and vacuous bluster. Macro-evolution and faith are incompatible, yes: there’s no doubt about that. But don’t confuse true science with evolutionism.

Extremists always claim they stand on common sense and common opinion, as do leftists in the causes of politics and social engineering. As in Dawkins’ childish and pathetic posters declaring that God probably doesn’t exist so we should just relax and enjoy ourselves, these claims come from a rabid determination to dispense with faith, hope and self-control. After all, if there’s no-one to hold us (and them) to account, then ultimately, anything goes, and the strongest, and the biggest liars, will rule the rest of us.

Enjoy ourselves? Having been firmly on both sides of the faith-fense, I can honestly say that true pleasure is in knowing and seeking God and His ways. All other good and wholesome pleasures-of which there are many-are what God created for us in the first place. Atheists not only want to hyjack science, but sex and laughter, so that they can trash all three.

Dr. Stephen Meyer, who I’ve been quoting and reviewing somewhat in recent times, has a terrific new video dealing with this attack on reality from the “new atheists”. It’s good info for those of you who do have an open mind, and those of you who would like some good rebuttal material, to deal with those who are determined to grind your faith into the ground. The video is on Youtube, titled “The Judeo-Chrisitan Origins of Modern Science”, and I see it already has almost twenty-nine thousand views at the time of this writing. Michale Behe also has some terrific videos on the subject of design, the latest one I’ve seen being titled, Bacteria: Superheroes of the Microbial World (Secrets of the Cell, Episode 6). This is not only informative, it’s moving.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Biblical creationists such as geneticist Nathaniel Jeanson and geologist Dr. Timothy Clarey are taking great strides in their fields: continue in unbelief only if you want to: it’s not necessary.

Still passing on some of Meyer’s insight, he has quoted Bill Gates powerfully on the subject of design. Of course, Gates had no intention of supporting the concept of design in nature, but he’s done so anyway:

“Human DNA is like a computer program, but far, far more advanced than any software we’ve ever created.”
-Bill Gates
“The Road Ahead”  

Secondly, here’s some of what Meyer notes as a response:

Bill Gates let the cat out of the bag when he simply stated the obvious. He’s well aware that Microsoft uses hundreds of programmers to write and DESIGN the code for their many software programs. He knows the information on your computer screen can be traced back to a programmer/designer. (Compass dot org article: Bill Gates and Intelligent Design).

Returning to the claim that science and faith are incompatible, I would say that this is rather like saying iron and metal are incompatible. It comes from the demeaning, small-minded, insulting view which some evolutionists and atheists have attempted to convince us that we believe, which says that God is like a doting magician behind the scenes, carefully guiding planets with giant but unseen hands, and perfoming chemical reactions with his magic wand but having no understanding of what actually takes place on the molecular level. They act as though we don’t believe in quarks or gravity. They try to equate us with flat-earth believers. Are these not the tactics of scoundrels who really don’t have a sensible argument?

Science grew and thrived in a Judeo-Christian culture, at the inspiration of those who believed very firmy in a-or rather, The-Creator. As Meyer has discussed in detail, the founders of modern science such as Newton, Keppler and Boyle were working to study the detail of what God has set into motion, and were no idiots or dummies.

Sir Isaac Newton, by Godfrey Kneller

The would-be dividers of science and faith have a very tiny picture of God, and think, arrogantly, that every discovery of theirs relating to the material world pushes God back further into non-existence or irrelevance. The big picture of God, shared by Newton and Keppler and Boyle and Meyer and myself, is that God IS science: it’s not the other way around. God created science because He is profound and profoundly ordered in every way. God designed and created the physical universe: amazing, but still finite and greatly inferior to His own essence.

God is the master mathematician. He already knows intimately all those formulae that physicists are busily trying to construct to explain why quantum particles don’t behave in the same ways as bodies and laws observed in classical physics. He already knows the grand theory of everything-because He designed it and created it. He also knows that if or when any grand theory is finally discovered or constructed by physicists, they will proudly parade and proclaim their majesty of thought and achievement; their victory over faith and “superstition”, and their own god-like intellect, as though they had designed the whole thing in the first place. They didn’t. They didn’t design it, and as much as they seem to think so, they don’t own it or any part of it. All they can do is observe it, try to understand it, and put it to use. And in the process, in order to shore up thier own pride and arrogance, they develop the religion and superstition of evolution: the idea that all that they study came out of nothing, with no assistance, no guidance, and no intelligence.

Science comes from God. He designed it, He owns it, and He maintains it-and us also. Glory to God!


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