It seems to me that there are huge numbers of people around the world who never get a chance to hear the creationists’ story of the history of planet earth. There are some fine web sites run by fine creationist organizations, but they don’t make their core beliefs or views very accessible. They fail to simplify and present the basics in an easy to find way. They are kept off of the secular airwaves except when the media takes an opportunity to belittle and misrepresent.  So in an attempt to do my small part to rectify that situation, I’m going to summarize and paraphrase a few things that everyone should have the right and chance to think over.

My first summary is on the dinosaur. Where did it come from? Where did it go? I present here the view of the Biblical Creationist, and by that I mean someone who believes that the Bible is the inspired word of God and, while it is not not a science manual, is reliable in its accounts. Other groups and individuals, attempting to compromise with the evolutionists in various ways, are causing themselves and many others untold problems with scripture as a whole, in my opinion.


In the Beginning, God created all life forms within a few days. This would have included the dinosaurs. At that time dinosaurs and all other creatures were vegetarian. There was no death until Adam rebelled and sinned, causing the world to be cursed. From then on all of creation was subject to decay.

Evolutionists feel compelled to tell us that dinosaurs evolved into birds. When you look at a bird, your’re looking at a cousin to the dinosaur, or so they want us to think. Contrary to popular belief, this has not been proved.




After the “fall of man” violence began to reign on the earth, and before long animals, including dinosaurs, were competing and killing in order to eat. Within two or three thousand years, the prevalence of violence among animals and mankind was one reason that God decided to wipe almost all life from the earth and start again.

God sent a world- wide flood. Some of the water came from the sky, where a water canopy had once surrounded the earth shielding it from harmful radiation. Some of the water came from under the ground where there was an enormous volume of water stored. The catastrophic release of water from these sources created gigantic tsunamis and turbidities which swept over large areas of the earth’s surface. The bigger, more mobile and more intelligent creatures would have been more likely to move to higher ground and avoid burial or drowning longer than smaller and less mobile creatures. The rapid movement of water, rock, sand and soil not only deposited layers of sediment all around the world (in which fossils are now found), but buried billions of creatures of all kinds, including the dinosaurs, and enormous amounts of vegetation. Some of the animals would have been still alive when buried. Animals have to be buried quickly to be fossilized. If they are not, they will decompose or be eaten and/ or scattered before they can be fossilized. Most humans may have escaped burial only to be drowned. This would explain why not many are fossilized.


Since the crust was cracking at the release of pressurized underground water, volcanic activity occurred simultaneously. Magma spewed onto the crust in some places, or filled in large cracks where the crust was twisting and moving. Mountain ranges were formed when sections of crust and enormous amounts of sediment were pushed together. Today marine fossils can be found at the tops of mountain ranges.

Upon the deluge floated an ark: a ship without sail or rudder (since it had nowhere in particular to go). Inside the ark were the last eight humans on the earth, and representatives of all animal kinds, most likely including dinosaurs. God had provided an escape for them in order to preserve life on the earth.

Once the Flood was over, and the earth’s crust began to settle, the water drained from the land causing rapid erosion, and creating gorges and valleys. Atmospheric conditions caused by volcanic activity were now such that temperatures took a plunge near the poles, causing an ice age to develop rapidly, and freezing animals such as the mammoths so quickly that they were in some cases perfectly preserved. As the ice sheets retreated there would have been more water flow and erosion taking place.

At the end of the Flood the eight human survivors released their animal cargo onto the new earth. However, the diminished food supply on the earth, along with the new climate didn’t support a thriving dinosaur population. Dinosaurs would themselves have been hunted for food. Being a threat to human populations, violent or frightening animals would have been hunted down just as wolves and bears were hunted and extinguished from countries such as Englandby the middle ages. Legends of “dragons” survive from almost every ancient culture around the world. Some lone “monsters” have been reported around the world even in recent decades.


The word “dinosaur” was invented in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen. Before that, other words were used. “Dinosaur” was not found in the King James Bible because the Bible was translated over two hundred years before “dinosaur” was first used. More recent versions fail to use the word because translators and commentators were either intimidated into thinking that Darwin and his followers were right, or they just wanted to avoid controversy. However, creatures described in one or two Bible books such as Job closely resemble dinosaurs, and no other modern day animal. An animal with a tail like a cedar tree cannot logically be likened to a hippo.

Today dinosaur fossils are dug out of sedimentary rocks, sometimes in huge fossil graveyards. Swirling waters and sediments during the Flood would have collected them and dumped and buried them in one location together. There have even been finds of dinosaurs with soft tissues still in tact. Evolutionists have to think hard to explain how these tissues may have survived for over sixty-five million years in the ground. For more info on soft tissue, click these links:





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