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Here's an interesting little sequel to my last post,"Fossils and the wrong key", in which I noted that stories of dinosaurs wandering into swamps, lakes, bogs, rivers, tar pits and so on abound, because dinosaur fossils and bones are found in sediments where they had to be buried rapidly. Evolutionists strictly enforce their "no divinity" … Continue reading MORE DINOSAURS WANDERING INTO SWAMPS


If anyone really wanted to see evidence in favor of the Bible, they would have a fantastic opportunity in the fossil record... I've written posts before about the fate of the dinosaurs (note 1). Dinosaurs, we're told, frequently "wandered into swamps" or bogs or tar pits, or fell into rivers or lakes, or got swept … Continue reading FOSSILS AND THE WRONG KEY


The excellent cartoonist Gary Larson pictured several dinosaurs standing around smoking, with the caption, “The real reason dinosaurs became extinct”. Not wishing to upstage Gary the Great, I have another explanation to offer for the demise of the dinosaurs... Whatever the reason given by evolutionists for their ultimate extinction, it’s fascinating to note that before becoming … Continue reading THE REAL REASON DINOSAURS BECAME EXTINCT

DINOSAURS, by Benjamin Fisher, age 11

Dinosaurs By Benjamin Fisher, age 11 All atheists believe dinosaurs died out millions and millions of years ago. But how come there are still dinosaur bones today? After millions of years they would have all decayed. There have been dinosaur bones found  with living blood cells that still haven’t decayed. You would think that after millions … Continue reading DINOSAURS, by Benjamin Fisher, age 11


Have you ever noticed how often nature programs and nature journals or books, particularly those written for children, begin their reports with the words “Millions of years ago...”? The majority of people have heard the phrase so many times that they’re convinced it’s a proven fact that life has evolved over hundreds of millions of years. Did you … Continue reading SOFT DINOSAUR TISSUE