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We're all told constantly that dinosaurs evolved, lived and then went extinct many millions of years ago. God didn't make dinosaurs-time plus chance plus chemical soup did... The truth is that life-all life-is incredibly complex. It's far too complex for evolution from non-life to be anything more than wishful thinking. And there is no, repeat … Continue reading SOFT TISSUES IN DINOSAURS


A couple of hundred years ago the atom was thought to be like a tiny ping-pong ball. In 1911 Rutherford's experiments led to the realization that the atom is made of even smaller component parts. Now we know that those component parts are so small, particularly the electrons, that each atom is almost entirely space … Continue reading INFINITE SCIENCE: INFINITE GOD


It's amazing how many things evolutionists and creationists agree on, without realizing it. A well-known creationist* when debating evolutionists, loves to point out that they believe humans came from a rock. The Bible says something similar... When the evolutionists protest that they believe no such thing, he explains. According to the evolutionary history of the … Continue reading ROCK ‘N SOUL


Evolutionists are selective about the terms they use. While telling us how incredible is the makeup and working of our world, they're very careful to avoid the possibility of us thinking that there's anything more to life than chance and matter. If you're looking, you can see them at their work of hiding truth...  I've … Continue reading DARK MANAGERS OF TRUTH


Isn't it amazing what people believe? In fact, they'll believe whatever they want to believe... A high school science teacher recently told my son and the rest of her class that she believes in creation, but that there's abundant proof we all evolved. This deft little move of logic (irony) denies both Biblical and Darwinian … Continue reading ORIGINS: OF MICE AND MEN