Whether it’s ACN, The Liberty network, KTAC, KTBI, or something else, it’s a truly great radio network, and I thank the Lord for it. But I would just like to share a little rehearsal which was overheard one morning inside one of the studios….


TOM: “Hi-Tom Reed here! Writing a blog post can be a scary thing. That’s why you need a strong cup of coffee to get you going, so come on down to the coffee club!”

BILL: “It’s not about drinking coffee!”

TOM: “No coffee? But I’m a member of the coffee club!”

BILL: “No coffee Tom.”

TOM: “It seems to me that if you join the coffee club you oughta get a cup of coffee!”

BILL: “…in fact, it’s more about nnnnot drinking coffee…”

TOM: “But this is the Llllliberty broadcasting network, or is it ACN?”

BILL:  “No coffee Tom”.

TOM: “Well…okay… So lllllets do lunch! Mine’s a soft taco!”

BILL: “It’s not about eating tacos!”

TOM: “What do you mean, ‘no tacos’ Bill? I thought we were going to Taco Time in East Wenatchee!”

BILL: “…in fact, it’s more about nnnnot eating tacos!”

TOM: “No tacos?”

BILL: “No tacos Tom”

TOM: “Boy, operating a radio network can be a scary thing!”


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