I’ve had it with “experts”, of all shapes and sizes…it’s time to exorcise them from my view of the world entirely!


For a large part of my life I’ve had an inbuilt distrust for “experts” in the secular world. You know-the ones who “must be right” because they went to X university and appeared on TV; the ones who tell us that we’re related to slugs; the ones who tell us that by eating hamburgers we’re destroying planet earth; the ones who so want us to be tolerant that they will not tolerate any other view but theirs, and the ones who tell us that candidate X (yes, I do like the letter “x”) obviously has no path to election.

I’ve also had an intrinsic distrust for those in the “religious” world who invent their own theology and call it Truth. You know-the ones who say that all religions lead to God (which God they don’t say-they just know it’s not the Biblical God); the ones who say that if you don’t speak in tongues you’re useless to God; the ones who say that Allah and Jehovah are one; the ones who say that John Doe is the latest Prophet and we all need to listen to him, and the ones who want to cut your head off if you don’t see things their way.

However, in recent years I’ve been distancing myself also from many “experts” within the evangelical Christian world. You know, the ones who are, metaphorically speaking, paraded on Christian radio and in the pulpits, and now behind microphones and guitars, as bearers of True doctrine. They went to X university, they’re good-looking, and they’ve written five hundred and sixty two million books on the subject, so they must be right.

There are Christian ministers and teachers who will tell you to “be like the Bereans” by searching the scriptures “to see if these things are so”, and who will then tell you how to be like the Bereans their way…

They’re the ones who say that they need X million dollars in the next two weeks to continue their ministry so “give as much as God is leading you to give”. They’re the ones who say that “God has a wonderful plan for your life” while Christians around the world get driven from their homes and slaughtered horribly by their persecutors. They’re the ones who tell me that I’m clearly a Jew and Israel-hater because I’m not a Pre-Trib believer; the ones who say that the early chapters of Genesis are merely poetic language to describe evolution- for example, that the word “day” really means billions of years and that God only told Noah to build a boat so he could float around on a lake for a while. They’re the ones who insist that Biblical wine is only grape juice, failing to explain why Paul would say that older women should not be addicted to “grape juice” (Titus 2:3).

I’ve had it with the “experts”. From now on, it’s me and my Bible.





Whether it’s ACN, The Liberty network, KTAC, KTBI, or something else, it’s a truly great radio network, and I thank the Lord for it. But I would just like to share a little rehearsal which was overheard one morning inside one of the studios….


TOM: “Hi-Tom Reed here! Writing a blog post can be a scary thing. That’s why you need a strong cup of coffee to get you going, so come on down to the coffee club!”

BILL: “It’s not about drinking coffee!”

TOM: “No coffee? But I’m a member of the coffee club!”

BILL: “No coffee Tom.”

TOM: “It seems to me that if you join the coffee club you oughta get a cup of coffee!”

BILL: “…in fact, it’s more about nnnnot drinking coffee…”

TOM: “But this is the Llllliberty broadcasting network, or is it ACN?”

BILL:  “No coffee Tom”.

TOM: “Well…okay… So lllllets do lunch! Mine’s a soft taco!”

BILL: “It’s not about eating tacos!”

TOM: “What do you mean, ‘no tacos’ Bill? I thought we were going to Taco Time in East Wenatchee!”

BILL: “…in fact, it’s more about nnnnot eating tacos!”

TOM: “No tacos?”

BILL: “No tacos Tom”

TOM: “Boy, operating a radio network can be a scary thing!”



Apologies, but only those who know about the coffee club will understand this one, and as a disclaimer, I would like to say that the related Christian radio network is fantastic.

(To an old country and western tune)

Every day Bill tells us

A new listener sent an email

It seems that Mr. X is dim

And can’t remember detail

But he is not the only one

And people, here’s the rub:

You’ll never get a cup of coffee

At the coffee club!


Nick Fisher 2014