(This is a part of my on-going “Truth Thrown to the Ground” series)

Among the many rumors going around to attempt to neutralize enthusiasm for Donald Trump is that he “supports the KKK”. On the day I heard this particular story (today) my wife, who was a fan of the TV show “The Apprentice” long before Trump announced his intention to run for the post of Republican nominee, informed me that Trump respectfully picked an African American, Randall Pickett, as his winning candidate in series 4: hardly the action of a KKK adherent. And yes, the KKK was founded by Democrats:

I’m not saying I entirely endorse Trump as a nominee, but I wonder how we’re ever going to have truth-telling politicians and leaders, if our sources of “information” are so tainted and stained with lies and deceit, and if we as a people are so ready to believe them? The entire system is rotten, and will continue to be so, until we repent and seek truth instead of scandal and lies.



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