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At the heart of our culture war in the West, though un-noticed by many of us, is the following question: do we follow the ways of God, that is, the ways loosely (very loosely) followed by the Western world for the last fifteen hundred years or more, or do we wash our hands of that, and follow our own ideas?


There's a serious epidemic at large in the Church these days-and one of the symptoms is the refusal to make a judgment on whether something or someone is right or wrong... Somehow Christians have bought into the multicultural mindset to the extent that they think they would be committing a crime against humanity by pointing … Continue reading WHEN IT’S GOOD TO JUDGE

Sanity In An Insane World

Does it ever seem to you that the world has gone crazy? Here's the antidote to insanity... I spent the first part of my life trying to escape reality in many ways, most notably and notoriously through alcohol and drugs. To me the world was an ugly, lonely, dark and boring place, and every opportunity … Continue reading Sanity In An Insane World