Paul the apostle wrote, in his often-used and eloquent discussion on love, that “these three remain: faith, hope and love” (1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV). Not wishing to correct Paul, I’d like to unofficially add another little but powerful word to his list: truth.


Truth-that is, the absolute kind rather than the kind you may feel like inventing to suit your desires, proclivities or agenda-is under assault like at no other time in history, in my opinion. One could almost call it “lawlessness”- not in the sense that it’s an attack on the laws of the land, but rather an attack on the standards laid down by our Creator. However, real truth is one of those things that can’t be destroyed, any more than faith, hope or love can. The order of nature cannot be destroyed, and its creator, sustainer and judge cannot be destroyed, any more that his plan to establish a lasting world and an order based on Truth can be destroyed.
The Bible speaks prophetically of a brief time during which truth will be “thrown to the ground”: a time of lawlessness, driven by its ultimate leader, the man of lawlessness. His time of apparent success will be short though, as will be the time of all those who follow him. His attempt to usurp what is inescapably, unchangeably, unstoppably true will have been no more effective than a child’s attempt to blow out the sun.
Perhaps people in other, saner parts of the world are not yet aware that here in “the most civilized nation on earth” we no longer have two officially accepted genders-male and female-but dozens, in fact as many as you care to invent. Men are free to marry men and women to marry women: the most unnatural, illogical and unproductive union in history. What was once a little sanctuary of privacy-the public restroom-is being turned into an opportunity for people who are confused about their gender to freely and legally act out any particular gender identity or sexual persuasion they may feel like acting out at any given moment of the day. And those who criticize or complain are to be labelled “bigots”, “narrow-minded”, “sexist”, and as many other intimidating and free-speech ending designations as possible, soon to be backed by legal action. That is, unless the moral, spiritual and social direction of the country undergoes a very different “fundamental change”.
But Truth remains, and will rule the Day, glory to God in heaven.


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