Thanks to some irresponsible and manipulative people in politics, education, media and in our entertainment industry, the lie that Donald Trump and his voters are “all white male racists” has helped cause riots and all kinds of hand-wringing, fear and hype, weeping and wailing.

Those who are claiming to be the “tolerant” ones are proving to be intolerant of democracy and other peoples’ views. Is Donald Trump racist? Why not ask the two amazing and wonderful ladies in this You Tube video, or watch the other video below discussing why some African Americans voted for Trump…


No, I am not in the least bit prejudiced towards other races. To my mind all “races” are equal in value, gifts, and talent, and should be treated accordingly, though I’m convinced there’s only one race-the human race. African-Americans, as Mr Trump has said himself, have contributed to the culture and success of this nation to an incalculable extent and in countless ways, as have Hispanics and many others. They make America what it is. They enrich and color (excuse the pun) the culture, and they’re loved by our Creator every bit as much as I’m loved by him. They are my brothers and sisters in the flesh.