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Thanks to some irresponsible and manipulative people in politics, education, media and in our entertainment industry, the lie that Donald Trump and his voters are “all white male racists” has helped cause riots and all kinds of hand-wringing, fear and hype, weeping and wailing.

Those who are claiming to be the “tolerant” ones are proving to be intolerant of democracy and other peoples’ views. Is Donald Trump racist? Why not ask the two amazing and wonderful ladies in this You Tube video, or watch the other video below discussing why some African Americans voted for Trump…


No, I am not in the least bit prejudiced towards other races. To my mind all “races” are equal in value, gifts, and talent, and should be treated accordingly, though I’m convinced there’s only one race-the human race. African-Americans, as Mr Trump has said himself, have contributed to the culture and success of this nation to an incalculable extent and in countless ways, as have Hispanics and many others. They make America what it is. They enrich and color (excuse the pun) the culture, and they’re loved by our Creator every bit as much as I’m loved by him. They are my brothers and sisters in the flesh.


Those who are determined to label Mr. Trump and his supporters “racists” and “bigots” (and so on) are causing more damage than they claim to be trying to prevent…

Their accusations and lies actually promote division and foster hatred against those who support Trump, so that the millions of people with a genuine desire to see their own preferred brand of democracy, and who are no more “racist” or “bigoted” than anyone else, are  mocked, demonized and vilified.

This is the work of politicians and media people pretending to be tolerant and pretending to be the champions of diversity: this is the real fascism. It demonstrates that all they’re really interested in is power.


Mr Jo Biden recently admitted during a public vice-presidential debate that he believes life begins at conception. He then said that he did not want to “push” his beliefs onto other people, and supported a woman’s right to an abortion.  If that which is in the womb is alive, but it’s alright to take that life, what does this say about all those currently in prison or on death row for murder? They took life from someone, but the beliefs of others (particularly the judges’) were “pushed” onto them, and they are now paying for what they did.

President Obama is doing all he can to see that “Planned Parenthood” is given free reign and plenty of taxpayer’s money for its services. He said, while defending a woman’s “right” to an abortion, that having an unplanned or unwanted baby is a “punishment”


How many of us were unplanned or unwanted? I was. My mother told me that she cried when she was told she was pregnant. In later years she said that I was a blessing, but according to Mr. Obama I was a “punishment” to my mother, and should have been “aborted”. I deserved nothing better than to be ripped up and thrown away as worthless trash, never to be given the chance to be a blessing to anyone.

The common answer that abortion is most often necessary for the health of the mother is an excuse. A recent report to the UK government determined that far less than one percent of abortions in that country are performed in order to save the life of the mother:


Without doubt many abortions in the US are not necessary either, and there have been something like fifty million legal abortions in the US since 1973. It’s a holocaust.

I was almost sickened to see one website cursing pro-life campaigners as simply coming from an anti-sex perspective. The concept of abortion makes me weep, but I love sex. I totally reject the notion that abhorring abortion equals a distain for sex. How ridiculous!  What a pathetic argument!

What about the common defense that the woman has rights over her own body? I would agree. But there’s one problem: there is another body inside the pregnant woman which is not her own.

At twenty-two days, the developing fetus has its very own beating heart. The heart is pumping the baby’s own blood, which is often a different blood type to the mother’s.

The baby has its very own DNA.

The fetus is developing its very own organs. At six weeks there are detectable brain waves. Its own spine and skeleton are  forming.

At week six the baby’s very own unique fingerprints are beginning to form. At week nine or ten it can move its head.


Yes, the baby is dependant on the mother, but so is a four year old. Should we then begin to take the life of four-year olds?

What about cases of rape? Well, if you want to kill someone, it seems a lot more logical to kill the rapist and not the baby.

What is developing in our society is a culture of death. If we have arrived at the stage where we don’t care that babies can be aborted right up to the moment of birth, then we have truly become desensitized, dehumanized, demoralized and debased. How long is it before the elderly are considered to be non-human and nothing more than a burden?

What has God to say about abortion?

First of all, if you have been supportive of or have had an abortion that wasn’t necessary, God can forgive you if you recognize it as sin.

Secondly, check out the relevant commandment in Exodus chapter 20. Consider that God knows us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139: 13-14).

Or bear in mind, when you vote, that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood” (Proverbs 6: 16-17).

How does God feel about us, when we cast a vote for those who provide, legally and financially, for those who shed innocent, defenseless blood?