At the risk of losing my tax-exempt status (joke) and half of my followers, I feel compelled to add my view of the upcoming US general election into the mix of wildly differing views…


I’ve liked Mr. Trump since the very first Republican party debate., and my respect for him has only grown. No amount of media propaganda smearing Trump and promoting Mrs. Clinton is going to change my mind.  Here are some of my reasons for being a totally unashamed Trumpster. In my view his character traits are in stark contrast to those of his opponent in this election…

1: On national TV, in front of eighty million people, and at the risk of losing votes, Mr. Trump stated very clearly that he disagrees with abortion, and that no-one has the “right” to carry out a partial-birth abortion. That one comment alone would give him my vote.

2: Almost alone, he’s confronting the entire corrupt, arrogant and self-serving elite establishment, consisting of Democrats (including their nominee), half of the Republicans, the big media people, and all their ultra-wealthy donors and supporters. These people don’t know and don’t care how the average person lives, and they have the nerve to try to make us think that Trump only cares for the rich. If they care so much about people in the real world why don’t they give away their millions and billions to someone who actually needs it? I say “DRAIN THAT SWAMP!”

3: He’s spent a huge amount of his own money on his own campaign, rather than accepting or soliciting money from wealthy donors and special interest groups in the US and abroad who would then expect something in return.

4: He loves his country and wants to put his people first rather than allowing other nations to suck taxpayers’ hard earned wealth away.

5: He’s worked hard every single day of this election season while his opponent has to rely on other politicians more popular than her to do the campaigning .

6: He’s opposed to globalization and the weakening of national culture and pride.

7: He has no record of political corruption.

8: He doesn’t alter himself under pressure, or put on a false front, or push political correctness. This to me is the mark of a real man-what you see and hear is what you get.

9: He’s weathered all the divisive claims of “racism”, and has reached out to the African-American community.

10: He wants to stop the erosion of religious freedoms in the US.  Christians in particular have been targeted in recent years.

11: He’s willing to identify religiously and ideologically motivated violence along with its sources, and to oppose it.

12: He has a sense of humor.

And to top it all off, I like his plans and his platform too!


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