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In our recent election, huge amounts of evidence of election falsification was ignored by state governors, courts, the Supreme Court, the Democrats and a large number of Republicans also. Free speech is on the ropes, people, and I for one will not be voting Republican again unless something in the party changes dramatically. Even on my own small blog site, I’ve seen view numbers drop dramatically recently, since I’ve been more outspoken about what’s going on. Is it shadow-banning or the like, or just plain-old bias?

Those of us-of any party-who value free speech, should be passing the word around, at least about what has been claimed in terms of the election, because media and social media giants have been shutting down the speech of all they disagree with, and painting them as enemies of the state. This is not democracy, this is the beginning of a tyranny, in which billionaires and corporations side with the political party of their choice and shut down all opposition. This will end badly for all of us little guys-of any political persuasion-unless we all speak up and cry foul.

I for one will be joining any new party designed to replace the failed and pathetic Republican party, unless, as I say, it gets a backbone and works for the people and not for big interests and foreign powers, as the Democratic party is doing. I will also be boycotting retail giants like Am…., who until now have been getting large amounts of my money. I will shop elsewhere. Here is a list of giant corporations working to shut down your free speech:


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