I love those incredible nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough, and I was watching one last night-“Our Planet”- about life at the earth’s poles. One of the beauties of documentaries David has been involved in is that the images aren’t flashing by at two a second, as they are in other such programmes: you’re given the dignity of taking in the scene without getting ruptured eye muscles from numerous rapid changes…

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As much as I love his commentary, David has always unwittingly given me plenty of fodder in my awareness of the nonsense of evolution. And this time, as David dutifully mourned the loss of ice at the poles-due, he believes-to human activity, he showed more weaknesses in his evolutionary worldview. One scene was of a huge colony of walruses. There were so many that some of them had ascended a rocky cliff to escape the crowds, but they didn’t have enough sense to climb down the same way, and instead, shuffled off the cliff to their deaths. If not for your hamburger, dear reader, those poor walruses would have been able to glide painlessly down the icy slopes.

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My first observation is that the walrus population was not in short supply-there were many thousands of them in one place. Secondly, they apparently all find plenty of food to eat, because they were all huge: up to four tons in weight. Thirdly, and more importantly, is the question, whatever happened to evolution and survival of the fittest? Surely, the animals who did not fall to their deaths were more intelligent than those who did, and more worthy of survival and procreation? Isn’t the whole point of evolution to weed out the weak, and isn’t the engine of evolution death and the survival of those who adapt to their surroundings? Perhaps the fallers were trying to learn how to fly but just weren’t up to it yet: give them another hundred million years or so and they’ll be bouncing up those cliffs, jumping off in a swan-dive, and swooping around the bay!

A certain popular celebrity on UK TV was talking on his Youtube channel about Coronavirus anxiety, or rather his view of it. His conclusion was that the lockdowns and isolation we’ve all experienced are just one more contributing factor to the negative effects of capitalism on human nature. We aren’t living as evolution intended us to live, he said, and we’re suffering with anxiety and depression as a result.

Once again evolutionary logic shows its flaws. If evolution is true, surely everything which happens to us is due to evolution’s power! That includes viruses, political philosophies taking hold and having bad effects here, good effects there, and yes, even anxiety and depression. If the story of evolution is true, then nothing is outside of its work. We’re all in the great meat-grinder of survival, death and adaptation, and the survivors will be better and stronger. I don’t believe that for a moment, by the way.


Spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked to clarify the Biden Administration’s recent executive order compelling schools to allow transgender athletes to compete in the gender category of their choosing/identification against cisgender individuals. The answer should send a cold chill to women (and men) who have championed the rights of our daughters, mothers and wives over the past several decades. “The president’s belief is that trans-rights are human rights.” There it is. In one fell swoop, the Biden Administration negated (or at the very least watered-down) the famous proclamation that “women’s rights are human rights” declared by none other than then-First Lady Hillary Clinton (note 1).

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Staff at a maternity department are being encouraged to use phrases such as ‘human milk’ and ‘chestfeeding’ as part of a new trans-friendly policy. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust has become the first in the UK to adopt a ‘gender inclusive language policy’ where ‘gender-neutral language’ will be used alongside the ‘language of womanhood.’ (note 2).


The insanity of human corruption and degradation serves only to further prove the word of God. The further people drift away from God, the more insane they will become, and the more true science and human relations will suffer. The logic of Jesus Christ has been abundantly clear to billions of people of today and past ages:

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female?(Matthew 19:4)

Paul, discussing the point at which God gives up on the willing insanity of pagan man (where we are now, dear reader), put it this way:

Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done (Romans 1:28).

We are told essentially that we are no more valuable than slugs, and that our struggle for supremacy, as seen in the political scene, is all a part of the evolution of man. We are told that there is no more meaning to the universe than what we see, and we are engulfed by the hopelessness of believing that we are all subject to the whims of viruses and human nature only. We are told that lasting relationships and commitment are of no importance: it doesn’t matter how many dads of moms or now “parents” kids have. It’s clear to me, then, that anxiety is caused by man’s willing separation from reason, and from our Creator.


1 Biden Tramples Women’s Rights with Transgender Proclamation by Larry O’Connor (townhall.com)

2 https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/10/brighton-midwives-told-to-say-chestfeeding-to-be-more-inclusive-14055419/?ito=cbshare


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