I’ve been losing viewers since around election time, or more precisely, just after election time-when I commented on the result. Evidence was available to anyone who wanted to find it that the US presidential election was severely compromised, and when the courts, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, social media sites, the Democrats and half of the Republicans were ignoring the evidence of falsification.

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A crack-down is now well under way, particularly in the military, to silence anyone and everyone speaking the “f” word: the one ending in “d”, and relating to illegal representation. Will all the wrongs ever be put right? That would be nice. If this were a truly democratic country, the evidence would at least be considered, in part because the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, whether popular or not. The only conclusion to make then, if the evidence is not fairly addressed, is that the US is no longer a democratic country: it is firmly in the grip of a one-sided political philosophy whose goal is not to serve the people but have the people serve them and their agenda. As in any self-respecting socialist or communist society, the individual’s rights are to be surrendered, it is claimed, for the good of society as a whole. Of course, it’s the elites who decide what that “good” is, and not the people.

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I don’t mind losing viewers as the result of speaking my mind and writing something which is politically incorrect. And this brings me to the subject of my post today. When the time comes for me to stand up for the name of my Lord, and the fact that His is the only name by which we can find salvation (Acts 4:12) I will do it. The question in our looming future is increasingly going to be are you, as a professing Christian, prepared to take a stand for your faith, or are you going to buckle and allow yourself to be silenced? The writing is on the wall. Pressure is mounting against Christian faith-the real deal, I mean. In some Western countries it’s already illegal to speak publicly in defence of the true gospel and the truths contained in Scripture, and the public in general is increasingly hostile to Christian truths, while a certain other religion is being promoted freely. And I know that for many of you around the world reading this, the reality is that you have already had to take a stand for your faith. I salute you, and so does our God, because Jesus said:

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven (Matthew 5:11-12).


The political movement of what Donald Trump called “The Swamp” (and I will call the toilet) is towards global governance. And just as the EU was organized to look like each nation was maintaining its sovereignty until it was too late for the little guy to do anything to stop what was really going on, so the world is moving towards more centralization. Coincidentally we have seen the rabid attacks on Trump who wanted to maintain American sovereignty (this was his downfall), the Covid “pandemic”, putting fear into billions of people and providing an opportunity to exercise tyrannical control on their lives and their ability to earn a living, and the World Economic Forum’s proud reference to what they currently call “The Great Reset”. Now, they say, the world needs to take this “opportunity” to remake the world system. Don’t imagine for a moment that the new “system” they envisage will be remotely Christian, although there may well be pretence of an alliance with certain popular church leaderships. It will instead be anti-Christ.


The other easy to spot piece of this global puzzle is what our Scriptures declare concerning the future. And here I am treading on the toes of the global elites, because President Obama, when in office previously, directed the Dept. of Justice to keep an eye on anyone teaching an end times Biblical understanding of events. I’m quite certain that his directive will be reinstated under Biden. Yes, I believe that the Messiah will return, but I certainly have no, repeat no intention of attempting to fight back in any physical way against the movement towards global governance. I am not a “prepper”. I am not a rebel. I am not violent. I am not part of any organized group.

In regards to Bible prophecy, there are always those who protest that people have been saying all through history that we are in the end times. This is true: there has always been someone making that claim, particularly in times of war or of plague. Those who were Biblically savvy at the start of WWII must have been convinced that Hitler was Antichrist, and that, I think, was an understandable feeling. However, the one thing above all which is different about our time is little Israel. There had to be an Israel in order to fulfil Bible prophecy, and it had to be recently regathered in its land as a nation, prospering and booming, and struggling to hold on to… Jerusalem. Brothers and Sisters, we are in such a time. Conditions are right and ripe. And while I don’t want to go so far as to say that Jesus is coming in X number of years, I am, after forty years of careful study and observation, somewhere between fairly sure and certain, that the time is near.

One more clue to the puzzle is our moral condition. At no time in the past did we have so many people on earth so brazenly calling good evil and evil good. How can God overlook, perpetually, what is now not only allowed but promoted in our society? Surely, a Holy God cannot….can He?

I intend to make this a series, dear reader. And even if there is only one of you still reading, we can look together at our world and compare it with what our God has told us will take place. Even if this is not the time foretold, we are certainly in for some very challenging times. We must be ready to stand firmly in our faith.

One more thing. For twenty-eight years I defended the pre-tribulation rapture: no longer. Don’t expect it. See my series of blog posts on the rapture, which are numbered and in a series of around thirty-one parts. You can search for them in the box at top right. They are taken from my book available on Amazon, titled “All Left Behind: The Case Against the Pre-Tribulation Rapture”, by Nick Fisher.


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