Are all business people rich, corpulent, greedy, arrogant, selfish and altogether superfluous?

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I’m not a wealthy business man, but I work for one. Well, the truth is that he isn’t very wealthy, he just has a nicer house than I do, and a nicer vehicle, and he’s able to take a vacation abroad every year. But I’m here to dispel the notion that he got wealthy by oppressing me and others.

The truth is that while I work fairly normal work hours, he works every day of the week, and usually twelve or more hours a day. He has all the stress while I just go home and forget all about work until the next day. If he didn’t work so hard, I and the thirty other people he employs would not have a job. Thirty people benefit from his dedication, industry, good ideas, and persistence. But not just thirty people. The families of those thirty people have homes, jobs, and food because of him. And wait-it’s not just his thirty employees and their families who benefit, it’s the other people whose services he requires in order to be able to work who also benefit, along with their families-they all have jobs and homes and food because of people like him.

Oh, and their employees benefit, and their families. And don’t forget the people who built their houses and their cars, and who provide their food: they also have livelihoods because my boss, and others like him, are hard working, dedicated people who need to and want to employ others.

And the benefits roll on….

Would it be a good idea for the government to own or at least control business and industry ? No, it’s a terrible idea. I’ve witnessed the results of such a policy in my country of origin. In that situation, the government becomes the corpulent, greedy, arrogant, oppressive boss, and there is no recourse for the little guy. Government has total control and is essentially “god”. Don’t go there, America.

Yes, there are some ultra-wealthy bosses who don’t need the billions of dollars and all the power they have. But most of those are socialists, supporting the Democrats. Where is the logic in that? Aren’t Democrats supposed to be defending the little guy? The logic is that these people want power, and the Democrats are happy to give it to them, as they eagerly scratch each others’ backs, and continue to consolidate power and wealth, and what you are supposed to think.


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