mind burp 15


Who else has noticed the current commonality of sensational headlines or video titles, followed by content which doesn’t actually convey what was promised in the headline? So in keeping with the trend, here’s my very own content:

Blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.


Dear Brother Google, I just want want you to know that yes, while I may be “getting up there” a little in age, and despite my occupation, I don’t have a hernia as you seem to have supposed. Neither do I yet have any prostate problems, whatsoever. I know I said one day out loud that I had some pain in my ankle, but that was a temporary inconvenience, so there was no need for you to offer me those solutions.

See the source image

Okay, so I did look at some bamboo shoots online, but that was a fleeting thought, and I want you to know that I DONT WANT ANY BAMBOO! The entire array of speakers and devices you keep showing me were those which I was not interested in at all but couldn’t help seeing on my way to one that I actually did want-and I’m not going to tell you which one it was.

Big Brother Google, take it from me…your algorithms are NO MATCH for my God-given independence of thought, and try as you may, I will not be changing my political or religious views! Your complexity and volume of information is a very pale shadow and copy of the mind-boggling complexity and volume of information which makes up every cell of my body, so there’s no way you’re going to convince me that I was not designed and created, as your systems, software, algorithms and narrative were.

Open the bay doors Google…


Can anyone using WordPress tell me how I can have one visitor in two different countries? It’s not the first time I’ve seen this on my blog. Also, early one day I had three views from France, by one visitor. Shortly thereafter I had a fourth view, this time from the United States, but….still only one visitor in total. Hmm, so either I have a telepathic viewer, or one with an extremely fast private jet…


With its bills the IRS sends out a publication titled, “Voters Rights”. It’s so thin you couldn’t use it as a piece of toilet paper. I know, because I tried.

Lots of people are wearing face masks where they aren’t required to. I imagine they watch too much CNN and listen to too much NPR (Nefarious Propaganda Radio). Some people are very fearful. As my wife says, most people want to go to heaven, but nobody’s in a hurry to get there.


Have you ever wondered why there is no species of animals with teeth growing out the tops of their heads? Why don’t some have two tails, or stomachs on their feet, or two mouths, or mouths on their backs, or ears on their tummies? Yes, occasionally we get an individual born with some oddities, but these are deformities caused by bad mutations, not a natural product of normal DNA. Each species of animal is fully formed and functional and well designed.

It’s the same in the fossil record: there were no dysfunctional creatures in earth’s history, even in the claimed simplest life forms. There were no trilobites with three legs, and no pterosaurs with two heads, and no dinosaurs with a horn growing out of its bottom. Each creature looks like it was designed to be fully functional when it came into existence. Well, there’s a hint if ever I heard one.


Why do we love pets? Yes, they’re cuddly. Yes, they’re fun, attractive, amusing and sometimes good security. But I’m convinced that the primary reason, the one which trumps and includes all of the above, is that they are our company. They are everything people are not. Without them life can be unbearably dull and lifeless. People just don’t provide for us what our pets do, and pets don’t let us down (except when they poop on the carpet). They don’t leave home, they don’t grow up and become boring and lifeless, they don’t refuse a cuddle because they “have a headache”, and they don’t fight over grandma’s will. They don’t take the car out and wreck it, and they don’t go off with some other owner just as soon as they’ve had enough of us. Thank the Lord for pets! Pets are made, I believe, for human company.


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