Expressing one’s feelings is the stuff of much-frequented blogs these days, so here I go…

I know nobody likes whiners, but once in a while it’s nice to know that someone feels the same way as you do about some things. Somehow it helps you to feel better-right? Here’s a little whine-a little letting off of steam…

I never did see the movie or the stage musical, “Stop the World, I Want To Get Off”, but I’ve always liked the title. And feeling that way about the world I live in is, ironically, one evidence to me personally of the existence of God, and of objective standards of right and wrong. I’ve only ever been to one world: why would I not feel at home in it? But I don’t, and I haven’t, since the age of about eleven, when I decided for a time that I would like to live on the moon.


Have you ever noticed how much Hollywood seems to like producing films with dystopian themes? All those wronged men and women and superheroes have to karate-chop and shoot their way out of endless situations with the bad guys, don’t they. I never have believed Hollywood’s claim that they intend only to reflect culture and not to shape it. I think it’s much more the other way around. Let’s be real: how many of us go around karate-chopping and shooting each other? Admittedly, it’s an increasing number, but the majority of us still want to live in a sane, ordered and peaceful society: let’s beat them at their game.


There are rapidly increasing numbers of people living rough on our streets, and some of those are badly in need of psychiatric help. Some on the streets-I said “some”-don’t have to be there: they want to be. More and more people either can’t or don’t want to fit into society, and like what I say or not, Joe Biden and the “caring” Democrats aren’t helping at all. This can only be bad for the rest of us. It’s bringing more crime and instability to us all. While top politicians live in their gated communities with their armed guards, we have to face the consequences of their policies. This is the road to Dystopia.



More families are breaking up. Marx would be overjoyed to see it, because one of his goals and dreams was the destruction of the original form of family, which he called the “bourgeoisie family”, and anything else which the word of God says is good for us. It’s interesting, in that light, that Jesus said about the times before his return: “The love of most will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12-13 NASB). Children suffer the most, particularly babies who are ripped from the womb because they aren’t wanted. This extreme violence puts our culture on a par with the one which existed just before the Flood.


It irks me no end to see our language being cheapened. I know the line: language has been constantly changing through all of time-it’s natural. Yes, it has, but only in recent decades has it been subjugated to a common-denominator vocabulary: a dumbing -down of our minds and our imaginations and our way of viewing the world. Perhaps you know someone who has acquired a degree but doesn’t have a clue how to spell properly. They know all about so-called “social justice”, but don’t have a clue where to put an apostrophe. Our culture isn’t being enriched, it’s getting poorer and much less interesting. If Shakespeare visited our time, he would hop back into the time machine as quickly as he could: back to where people know how to have a good conversation, and where men were men and women were women.

In some doctored pictures of William an ear-ring has been added. Look out for historical revisionism: it’s everywhere now.


Someone has said that when a culture is in ascendance, its art imitates life, and when it’s in decline, it imitates the art it has created. Pop culture has largely shaped the way many of us think, and culture is imitating its chosen stars. That isn’t a good thing, in my opinion, because its only about being cool, and sexy, and above the need for commitment. As much as I’ve always loved music (and still do), I’m beginning to see the world as being polluted with what passes for music. Our visual arts are no better, promoting, as I said, the dystopian dreams of increasingly damaged, perverted and sick individuals. The moral standards of our times reflect those recorded in the book of Judges:

 In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25).


There was no King. In other words, there was no ultimate authority recognized. Law now doesn’t apply to people who have the power and the money and the contacts to help them escape its reach-it’s there to keep the little guy in line-the one who doesn’t start wars, and who doesn’t defraud the nation out of billions of dollars, and who doesn’t lie to an entire nation about what happened in the election. Many top politicians are immune to the law, aided and protected by the media which is supposed to hold them to account and inform us. Certain other people groups can break the law too. They can riot, steal, and commit violence-with impunity. But try defending yourself against violent attack these days and you might find yourself in court as the guilty party.

If you drive near the speed limit you might be the only one, because most others are driving at fifteen to twenty over, or more. Our roads are race tracks-literally: a place where people can prove themselves by beating the competition, and thereby satisfy or promote their shrunken, emaciated standards of style and personal worth.


Our governments are, by design, out of reach of we the people now. They’ve gone completely rogue, and are protected by the mainstream media. They don’t really care one little bit about we the people, but only their agenda. In one of the latest middle-finger salutes to the American people, the Taliban was bequeathed with, among other things, 358,538 assault rifles, 169 armoured personnel vehicles, four C-130 transports, and 126,295 pistols, all paid for with taxpayers’ money: left so that the violent Taliban can kill and murder more people and threaten other nations. The Taliban now has more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of the world’s nations (1).


If you worship in a truly Bible-believing church, you’re fortunate, because so many churches have departed from the words of God and are re-interpreting or creating their own. We live in the age of false prophets and false teachers that Jesus warned us of.


Phew, I think I feel a little bit better for venting like that. Don’t get me wrong-I’m not completely disgusted with humanity-just almost completely disgusted. I haven’t given up on us, because I know I’m as human as anyone, and as failed as anyone. God loved us enough to send his only Son for the sins of the whole world, and the new world I’ve been hoping and praying for is on its way. Please read my posts on the gospel, because heaven is for everyone who loves God and his Son, and what they stand for.

Note 1


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