People on the extreme left of politics have been trying to paint themselves as the centrists-the mainstream-for a long time.

I saw this three decades ago when I lived in the UK. News readers were talking about certain social practices and political views as though almost everyone regarded them as being common and normal, when they clearly weren’t. They spoke of people who were not on the left of politics as being “extreme right wing” in their views and pronouncements. In fact people labelled as right-wingers were only stating what had been patently obvious to the majority of people for hundreds or thousands of years.

The fix was in: swing malleable public perception around, by telling them that what has been regarded as destructive, abhorrent and nonsensical is actually normal and is viewed as being so by almost all fair-minded and modern-thinking people. As one eloquent and sharp-minded observer put it recently, far too many people are still of the opinion that politicians and their representatives in the media and entertainment world are simply looking out for our good and betterment: they are not. The other front in their war on us all is in education: our kids are at their mercy. In 2016 teachers at our local schools were telling young children how evil Donald Trump was, even before he was elected, and to tell mom and dad not to vote for him. In contrast, Barak Obama when he had as yet done nothing as president, was awarded a Nobel peace prize.

I was never in the “right wing” camp-in fact, just the opposite. In the first half of my life I voted consistently for the “Labour and Socialist” party, and often said that I would rather die than vote Conservative. Now the two parties are no longer far apart politically. I was convinced by my media in the U.K. that Ronald Reagan was a Nazi who had dementia, who cared nothing for the poor, and who was going to start World War Three at the earliest opportunity. But as the years went on and I learned more about life, about history, and about the people who are working to swing the West in their direction, I came to see that what has been painted as “extreme right-wing”, and still is, was most commonly no more than love for country, for the natural family unit, for God, and for prosperity for all.

What are we to deduce from this? The push to the left is born of a hatred of those things: country, the traditional family, God, and prosperity for all. Communistic societies have not brought equality for all as they falsely promised, but two classes: the super-rich minority and the poor majority.

Lenin, with Trotsky edited out of the original image, having been dispensed with.

When I, now living in the United States, told an old friend in the U.K. that I was going to vote Trump in the 2016 election, he declared that Trump was crazy, cared nothing for the poor, and was going to start WWIII at the earliest opportunity. Does that sound familiar? By that time I had come to know better, but he, being force-fed propaganda with practically no dissenting voice there in the UK, was convinced that I was now an extreme right-winger; a fascist; a Nazi. How sick our world has become.

The real pandemic is in the political and philosophical realm. The world has become sick with the determined work of those in mainstream media, selected and paid for by ultra-wealthy individuals, who think it’s their business to swing the West in their political direction. No wonder that there has been so much talk of the death of freedom of speech in the Unites States. In order to achieve this, the swingers have to label any speaker in the middle, or to be fair, somewhat right of the political spectrum, as being “extremely right-wing” and “fascist”. The latest tool to bludgeon us all into submission is the term “racist”. With this weapon the enemies of civilization are prepared to push us towards a race war in order to achieve their ends. It’s a divisive strategy, and a destructive one.

I love my country, my family and my God. I am not wealthy, but would love to see prosperity for all who will work and for those who cannot work. This is not at all “right-wing extremism” or “racism”, and don’t let anyone make you think it is.


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