The Origin of Government

Ig, Og and Ug were collecting bananas from the lone banana tree. It was a hot day, and Ig grew tired of the work.

So he approached Ug, and said “Give me your bananas”. Ug shook his head and refused to part with his haul of fruit: “You must be joking-get your own bananas!”

So Ig, determined not to do any more work, spoke to Og behind Ug’s back. “I’ll make you an offer” he said. “If you help me force Ug to pick all the fruit, I’ll make sure you get more bananas at the end of the day than you would have had.” So together, Ig and Og stood over Ug with large sticks, and threatened him.

“Look Ug, we know how these bananas should be picked properly. We have the brains, and we have the majority on our side, so you’d better do what we tell you”. Together Ig and Og forced Ug to pick all the fruit, while they sat in the shade of the tree.

At the end of the day, the bananas were shared out. Ig got the largest share, Og received less but more than he would have ended up with on his own, and Ug was allowed just enough bananas to stop his belly rumbling.


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