Adoring the Artist

We make the mistake of thinking that the animal, the pet, the baby and the beautiful woman derive beauty from their own invention and power. We give worship to them, sometimes being overwhelmed by their affect on us and by how they’re constructed. The truth is that they were designed by someone, who we call ‘God’.

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

They would have no beauty, and no life, and even no existence, had God not designed and created their DNA, the organic chemicals that make up and support and obey that DNA,. and the overall makeup and appearance of the object.

Some things are ugly: did the artist make some mistakes? Does God show favoritism? No, there is such a thing as corrruption in nature, and there is such a thing as opinion. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty reveals its originator. If God made all those things, He is the One who is beautiful, and who should be admired and adored. The woman isn’t beuatiful because she chose to be-that fact is often show in her character and in how she acts and thinks and talks. Oh, she looks amazing on the outside, but only because the originator of physical beauty made her that way, and then gave us the ability to see it or hear it, and recognize it.

The entity is a pointer to its creator. If we’re going to worship anything, we should worship the One who designed and made all that we see and experience. Worship God for the flowers, and the trees, and the baby and the beautiful woman.

Give glory to the artist, not the art.


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